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Selection of manufacturer and installation of glass curtains for the bathroom

A glass curtain for the bathroom is a great opportunity to refresh the interior of this room. There are a huge number of manufacturers producing high-quality products. Today we will talk about the most popular products on the Russian market, such as Ravak, Radaway, Bas and Cezares bathroom curtains. The process of installing glass curtains will be discussed separately.

bathroom curtain ravak

The glass curtain will prevent water from splashing

Popular manufacturers of glass curtains

Ravak Company

Ravak occupies one of the leading positions, specializing in the production of baths and showers, as well as bathroom accessories. The company was founded in 1991. At that time, the main direction was the production of shower enclosures under license from manufacturers from France. But in 1994, Ravak launched its own line, patenting its technology. 1997 was a turning point for the company, as it was at this time that it entered the world market.

bathroom curtain ravak vs5

Shower curtain from Ravak

Ravak products have a wide range of products. Ravak bath curtains can be installed on any rectangular bathtub model.

The company offers several collections. Thus, Supernova bathroom curtains have a white profile or a rather fashionable “satin”. The surface of the curtain itself can be made either of ordinary plastic or tempered glass, or decorated with stained glass. The Glassline, Pivot and Elegance lines are represented by frameless glass curtains.

Ravak bathroom curtains are specially treated with the protective agent ANTICALC, which prevents the growth of bacteria, as well as the appearance of stains and lime deposits. Installing the accessory is not particularly difficult.

bathroom curtains ravak

Curtain models from Ravak

The Ravak VS5 bathroom curtain (in the photo above is on the far right in the top row) has gained particular popularity. It is distinguished from other models by its five-element design. The accessory consists of five fully movable parts that can be folded into a kind of glass accordion.

Cezares Company

The famous Italian manufacturer , the Cezares company, has achieved universal worldwide recognition. The brand does not need advertising, since its amazingly thought-out design has long become a standard. Cezares bathroom curtains, which come in a variety of styles, will decorate any bathroom.

cezares bathroom curtains

Bathroom curtain from Cezares

Bass Company

Bass LLC is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of acrylic bathtubs and shower cabins. "Bass" has been present on the Russian market for the second decade and has proven itself as a manufacturer of shower curtains.

But there is one nuance here - Bas bathroom curtains are intended exclusively for models of the same brand.

The bathtubs of this manufacturer differ in size from the usual models. Therefore, the curtains are designed taking into account all design features.

Only high-quality plastic and profiles are used as materials. The product range is represented by the following variations:

  • for round baths;
  • for oval;
  • for classic (rectangular) models.

Each is characterized by elegant simplicity. This is what attracts us to the accessories of this manufacturer.

bathroom curtains bas

Bathroom curtain from the Bass company

The profile material is painted aluminum, which allows it to maintain a presentable appearance for a long time in the rather aggressive environment of the bathroom. The sashes are manufactured in two versions:

  • strained glass;
  • acrylic composition.

[note]The surfaces of the doors can either be decorated with various patterns, or simply remain opaque matte. [/note]

Radaway Company

The Radaway company represents Polish manufacturers in our market. The company is quite well known in Europe, the Baltic countries, as well as in the Belarusian and Ukrainian markets. The company is quite young (founded in 2006), but, nevertheless, it has already gained recognition among consumers. Numerous innovative introductions used in the design of shower curtains are what sets the manufacturer's products apart from others.

bathroom curtains radaway

Bathroom curtain from Radaway

Radaway bathroom curtains are available with several types of glass:

  • completely transparent;
  • Brown color;
  • graphite.

[note]Glass must be treated with an Easy Clean coating, which ensures easy surface care. It is thanks to this treatment that the glass retains its original state for a long time.[/note]

Curtains from this manufacturer are divided into:

  • single-leaf;
  • bivalve.

There are also two options for use: the curtain can open both outside and inside the bathroom. Installation can also be done in the most convenient position for the client.

The process of installing a glass curtain for a bathroom

Now it's time to learn the intricacies of the process of installing glass curtains.

First of all, carefully read the installation instructions. It is simply necessary to do this, since depending on the design, the installation of curtains may have its own nuances, compliance with which is the key to the long service life of the accessory.

You will need a set of the following tools:

  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • electric drill;
  • hammer;
  • regular pencil;
  • construction level.

The installation technology itself looks like this:

  1. Assembling the frame. To do this, you will need to connect the horizontal and vertical elements that make up its frame.
  2. The next step will be marking the future holes. Here you will need a building level. Be careful, as the quality of further work depends on the markings made.
installing a glass curtain on a bathroom

The process of marking and drilling holes

  1. We drill holes in the places where the marks are applied.
  2. Now you can attach the installation profile to the frame.
  3. Insert glass doors. The narrowest one is installed first, unless otherwise indicated in the attached instructions.
  4. Then the fully assembled curtain is installed in the desired location. Make sure the holes line up carefully.
installing a glass curtain for the bathroom

Installing the curtain in the right place

  1. Secure the structure using a screw.
  2. The places where the doors will come into contact with the walls of the bathroom must be carefully treated with sealant after installation. This will ensure that the joints are completely waterproof.
  3. After this, the fittings are installed.

As you can see, installing glass curtains is not a complicated process if you follow it in accordance with the attached instructions.

The installation process can be seen more clearly in the video.

We hope that our material will help you understand among the numerous manufacturers of this indispensable bathroom accessory.