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Which bath mat to choose

The bathroom is a special place in every home, it has its own atmosphere, so attention to detail is most welcome there. A well-chosen bath mat can make your environment feel more homely and safe. After all, their main task is not only to create comfort and warmth, but also to protect feet from moisture and slippery floors. In addition, the bathroom is often equipped with a large number of electrical appliances, so human contact with water should be as safe as possible. There are many materials from which these products are made: it could be a bath mat made of PVC, acrylic or, for example, microfiber. The huge variety of types and models will confuse any person. Which materials are better, which are more practical, which are safer, and which rug to choose - you will learn all this from this article.

A bath mat is a guarantee of comfort and safety

Types of rugs

PVC mats

The basis for this type of mat is foamed PVC. Such rugs are very popular due to the large number of advantages:

  1. PVC is a very soft and pleasant to the touch material.
  2. The PVC bathroom mat has a high level of moisture resistance; it does not get wet or absorb moisture.
  3. Does not slip, even if the floor is wet.
  4. Easy to clean and wash with plain water.
  5. A wide variety of colors, bright and interesting, it is possible to make rugs with special inscriptions and photographs.
  6. Low cost.

Colorful, safe and cheap PVC mats

[note]Their combination of price and quality is the most optimal, and comprehensive safety is an additional plus.[/note]

Silicone mats

Silicone is widely used to make various household accessories. Among the large number of silicone little things that are used in everyday life, a silicone bath mat has also found its application. The characteristics of this type of rug are quite interesting:

  • The basis of the mats is transparent silicone of various colors and shades.
  • Special suction cups allow you to securely fasten the mat and prevent it from slipping.
  • The mats have high temperature resistance and can withstand various temperature fluctuations.
  • Durable, do not collapse, do not melt, do not change their shape.
  • Quite easy to clean and dry quickly.
  • They are distinguished by hypoallergenic properties.

Silicone mat is attached to the bottom of the bathtub

[note]Silicone mats are often placed not only near the bathtub, but also directly on its bottom. For older people or small children, this is a necessary way to protect against falls.[/note]

Features of microfiber mats

Microfiber bath mats have appeared on the accessories market relatively recently, but have already become quite popular. Microfiber is also commonly called microfiber. This material is obtained by cutting polyester.

Distinctive features of such rugs are:

  1. Soft and pleasant surface for feet.
  2. Instant moisture absorption.
  3. Antibacterial. Microfiber not only repels bacteria, but also disinfects the surface of the feet.
  4. Bright colors perfectly complement the bathroom design and make it more vibrant.
  5. Strength and durability. The rug does not fade, does not change its shape and is easy to clean.

[note]Microfiber mats are not recommended for use in public baths and saunas, due to the likelihood of the spread of foot fungus. They are more suitable for home use.[/note]

Microfiber rug - fashionable and practical

Acrylic mats

Acrylic rugs are considered the most interesting and varied in design. They meet all hygienic requirements that apply to these accessories. An acrylic bath mat will provide the necessary comfort and safety. Its main advantages:

  • High resistance to moisture.
  • Durability, resistance to temperature changes and light.
  • Ease of use. Acrylic mats are easy to clean or wash.
  • A high level of safety is ensured by the base, which is made of rubber or silicone.
  • The soft surface and interesting design will create a special coziness in the bathroom.

Very often, acrylic mats are coated with a special antibacterial compound, which provides lasting protection against various bacteria and microorganisms, including fungi.

Original design of acrylic mats

[note]In a real acrylic rug, the content of acrylic as the main component must be at least 85%.[/note]

Tips for choosing a rug

In order to make the right choice of a rug that is ideal for a specific bathroom and will meet all the necessary requirements, you need to consider a number of points:

  1. Material. Each type of rug has its own characteristics and advantages that must be taken into account. Silicone bath mats do not slip thanks to their suction cups, microfiber mats absorb moisture, PVC mats have an affordable price, acrylic mats protect against bacteria.
  2. Size. You should not take large floor mats even for a very spacious bathroom, because the main task of the mat is to be located directly next to the bathroom and to “welcome” our feet after hygiene procedures. However, if the room is always quite cool and the floor is cold, then you should think about a rug that would cover the entire surface of the floor to prevent colds.

An original rug can liven up your bathroom interior

  1. Form. The product must be smooth, without kinks or dents. If you choose a rug with pile, then the pile should not fall out. It is also worth paying attention to the base. Rubberized mats should not have a “solid” base; the mat should allow air to pass through, which will prevent the formation of mold.
  2. Color spectrum. The color, design, and pattern are chosen in accordance with personal preferences or the design of the bathroom. If the bathroom is made in soothing colors, then a bright rug of an unusual shape can complement the interior. If, on the contrary, the bathroom itself is quite bright, then the rug should have a calmer color and it is better to be monochromatic.
  3. Quantity. It is best to purchase rugs in pairs so that they can replace each other when washing and cleaning.

[note]To choose a quality rug for the bathroom, you should pay special attention to its appearance. Sloppy edges, unraveling seams, threads or fibers that stick out from the rug indicate poor quality.[/note]

A bath mat is an indispensable attribute that emphasizes the individuality of each room and can bring a touch of coziness and warmth. Whatever type of rug is chosen, it will invariably evoke only positive emotions and give you a good mood after taking a bath for the whole day.