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English bathroom tiles: strict lines and style

Those who are planning to carry out a top-class renovation, do not skimp on the purchase of finishing materials and want to get an exclusive interior, will find a unique offer - English tiles for the bathroom. You won’t be able to save money on its purchase, since this material is always expensive, but the high quality is visible at first glance.

Bathroom designed in a classic style using English ceramic tiles

English traditions

For a long time, English tiles for the bathroom were not just a way to protect walls from moisture, although they do this very well, but also the main decoration of the decoration.

The distinctive properties of this product are:

  • Maintained impeccable style - for England this has always been a matter of principle. Clearly defined canons of design have existed for centuries, and some of them have survived to this day unchanged.
  • Decorative. Despite the specific stylistic affiliation in which bathroom tiles are made, the English style is represented by a fairly wide variety of options. This allows you to choose interior solutions to your taste and show individuality in the design of your home.
  • High quality. The high cost of tiles is not only status value, it is also impeccable quality, which is possible thanks to the use of proven raw materials and strict control of each stage of production. Dimensional accuracy, durability, resistance to moisture and mechanical damage - these are the distinctive features of English ceramics.

Classic ceramics

Regarding historical traditions, in England entire decorative schools worked on the design of ceramics. For example, the Glasgow School of Art, one of whose representatives was the artist and architect Charles Mackintosh, gave the world many magnificent examples of this product, and to this day, young English designers use design ideas based on its developments. Despite the fact that they have been used in design for more than a hundred years, they do not go out of fashion, and will not go out for a long time.

Ceramics manufacturers

Ceramic production in Great Britain has, as mentioned above, deep historical roots, producing tiles of both classic styles and exotic designs. Below are several brands under which English ceramics are produced.

Alice Gibbons

This English tile for the bathroom is distinguished by a certain romanticism in its design, which is facilitated by the active use of plant motifs and pastel colors. Intricately intertwined flower garlands and delicate foliage, cream shades of the background, glossy surface - all this creates a unique English style and an unforgettable interior.

One of the Alice Gibbons collections in the bathroom interior

H&E Smith

Compared to the previous brand, the style of H&E Smith is radically different: no pastel shades or soft transitions. Expression, bright colors, “ethnic” style - it turns out that English ceramics can be like that. There is also a classic combination of tones, which significantly expands the range of buyers. As for the quality, it’s still the same good old England with its most precise adherence to dimensions and orientation in the plane.

Ethnic decor from H&E Smith


This ceramic tile is restrained and conservative, which creates its own circle of fans. The design, reminiscent of Delft faience, makes the bathroom subdued, but extremely stylish, and this property of Marlborough tiles is actively used by designers around the world. Some collections are copied from tiles; despite their restraint, they add originality and are a strong accent.

Restraint and style from Marlborough

Maw & Company

Another English brand whose products feature bright colonial tones. The combination of traditional patterns, sometimes even heraldic themes, and rich, rich colors make the interior using this ceramic unusual and very expressive. These tiles would probably look good in medieval castles, and they look absolutely stunning in large areas. Compositions that imitate panels or carpets look especially impressive.

Vibrant mosaic pieces from Maw & Company

H&R Johnson Tiles

The company H & R Johnson Tiles deserves special attention, which has been producing ceramics since 1901 and at the same time holds a leading position in its market to this day.

Buyers who are concerned about protecting the environment will be interested in the production approach: about 20% of the tile composition is made from recycled ceramic material. This is possible thanks to a specially developed technological scheme that uses waste from our own production process.

H&R Johnson Tiles are designed by a team of designers who regularly travel the world in search of interesting and inspiring ideas. The company itself provides free software with its samples so that the user can visualize the design of the future premises.

Blue variations from H&R Johnson Tiles

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