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Elegant bathroom design with beige tiles

Beige bathroom tiles are a classic color scheme, devoid of flashy accents and excessive pretentiousness. Aristocratic restraint of color makes it possible to abandon the overly bright and capricious trends of modern design. In addition, it has a positive effect on a person’s mood, being associated with calmness. Due to the fact that beige is a warm color, even a small bathroom will seem light and spacious. Today we’ll talk about how to create a bathroom design in beige tones.

beige bathroom tiles

Bathroom design in beige tones

Plain beige ceramics for the bathroom are not the only way to solve the problem. Despite the fact that this shade is quite self-sufficient, it can also become an excellent background for bright wall panels or decorative elements. Beige harmonizes perfectly with both cold shades and warm colors.

Rules for using beige tiles in the interior

Companion colors

Brown bathroom tiles are one of the most common options. And there are quite a few reasons for this:

  • the brown palette is also capable of calming, giving a feeling of complete security;
  • this shade always looks noble, conveying this quality to the interior of the room;
  • neutrality - he does not “pressure”, but simply sets the desired tone, remaining incognito.
beige brown bathroom tiles

Brown beige tiles

But even with so many advantages, ceramics in a similar range can play a rather cruel joke, making the bathroom too dark and gloomy.

[note]An excessive amount of this color can visually “steal” the precious space of small bathrooms. [/note]

The beige-black tandem looks good. Black color – mystery and severity, which is softened by a calm beige color scheme. Interior details made in black against a warm beige background give the bathroom elegance, somewhat restraining the sunshine of the main palette.

Gray-beige design – comfortable calm. A rich gray shade can become the leading color if desired, creating a special atmosphere in the room. Light gray shades of tiles used in combination with beige will only emphasize the warmth of the latter.

But, despite a fairly large variety of companions, beige-brown bathroom tiles are the most commonly used combination.

Possible design combinations

In general, there are quite a lot of variations. Let's get acquainted with the most favorite techniques among designers:

  1. If there is enough material in both colors, then the floor of the bathroom can be decorated using a chessboard as a model. A classic method to add brightness to a room. The floor will look neutral.
beige bathroom tiles

"Checkerboard" styling

  1. In the process of wall cladding, the following technique is used: a dark shade (brown color) is used to decorate the lower part of the wall, and a light beige color will fill it up to the ceiling. One of the classic, and therefore win-win options.
  2. The smaller the bathroom area, the larger the volume of beige ceramics should be used.
  3. This combination is quite common: brown flooring and light beige walls with slight splashes of brown. They can look like vertically placed or a single strip located horizontally along the entire perimeter of the bathroom, or a small brown panel on one of the wall surfaces.
  4. Brown mosaic inserts also look impressive. They not only break up the monotony, but also add texture and depth to the surface of the walls.

[note]Mosaic panels made in brown-beige, gray-beige and milky tones, with beige as the dominant color, will give the bathroom an oriental flavor. [/note]

A few tricks for working with beige tiles

By putting our tips into practice, you can create a unique bathroom design. So, a few important points:

  • Smooth (gradient) transitions can visually adjust the architecture of the room, in particular, sharp corners.
  • Beige tiles and white grout are two completely incompatible things. If you plan to use light-colored materials for finishing joints, then “ivory” and “cream rose” grout will look most harmonious.
brown bathroom tiles

Bathroom in beige and brown tones

  • Beige ceramics are excellent for flooring. The peculiarity of the color is that droplets of water are practically invisible on its surface.
  • A bathroom made in a classic beige version looks finished, and therefore allows the addition of decorative elements in silver or gold.
  • Beige bathroom tiles will look great in a mosaic version if the canvas is diluted with a few more shades of beige. The chaotic arrangement of elements will only add charm to the design.

Popular beige collections

To prevent the beige shade from looking too simple in the interior, designers usually select a companion decor for it that will favorably emphasize or complement the pastel interior. We have selected 4 elegant design solutions for you:

  • “Versailles” is an elegant design from the masters of the Jade-Ceramics factory. The tile has a matte surface with a pleasant peach-beige tint. Perfect for creating an interior in Japanese style or minimalist style. The basis of the concept is an image of bamboo stems, with which you can make a panel of the required length, even for the entire wall. The tiles themselves are presented in light beige and darker shades, as well as decorative tiles with an abstract pattern, which is also displayed on the frieze.
beige bathroom tiles Jade-Ceramics

Beige tiles with bamboo shoots

  • “Alabastrino” from the Polish factory Tubadzin is a successful imitation of the matte texture of natural stone tiles. The main elements are quite simple and are suitable for a calm interior in a classic style. Separately, it is worth noting the highlight of the series - black decor with a floral pattern in bright turquoise. Such an unusual solution will help to place accents in the interior, and, if necessary, fit into it, for example, black plumbing fixtures.
beige bathroom tiles Tubadzin

Unusual design move

  • “Sensitive Stone” is the second solution from the same Polish factory. The interior created using materials from this series looks extremely romantic and captivates at first sight. The basis of the series is beige and sand background tiles, which are complemented by two types of unusual decor. The first decor is represented by the image of large bird feathers that seem to float in the air. The second decor features tree branches, thin and elegant, with drops of dew. Decors can be used separately or combined into a single design solution, creating a truly “fairy-tale” interior.
brown beige bathroom tiles

Romantic branches and feathers from a Polish designer

  • Golden Tile also presented a beige collection with an imitation marble texture called “Octave”. The line contains marble textures in light and dark shades, as well as floral decor with brown flowers. The decor allows you to highlight vertical zones, and it will be continued horizontally by a frieze with the same pattern. The decor has a corrugated outer surface and will make your room truly unusual.
beige bathroom tile Golden Tile

"Octave" by Golden Tile

We hope that our tips and recommendations will be useful to you, and that the solutions and collections presented will allow you to find exactly the idea you are looking for for your bathroom.