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Black tiles in the bathroom: secrets of an elegant interior

Black tiles in the bathroom are a great opportunity to create an elegant and very presentable interior. Of course, not everyone wants to tile their bathroom with tiles of exactly this color. Meanwhile, following our tips, you can easily transform your home.

Bathroom with black tiles

In which bathroom would black be appropriate?

The size of the room in this case is of paramount importance. It's no secret that dark finishing material can visually reduce the size of any room. This is why black bathroom tiles look beautiful over a large area. After all, even a small visual reduction in space will not affect the overall perception of the room.

Large bathroom in dark colors

Owners of small standard apartments who dream of transforming them can do this by purchasing black and white tiles at the same time. With proper placement of accents, you will definitely be able to create a stylish interior without reducing the already small room.

Contrasting interior

Black and white

The most common option is the joint installation of black and white tiles. Quite often, tiles of light and dark colors are laid in a checkerboard pattern. Such an interior can hardly be called strict. Although in general everything looks very laconic.

If you want rigor, then it is better to choose stripes. By alternating white and black stripes, you can achieve amazing results. This option is suitable for both large and small rooms. You just need to choose the right width of the stripes.

In addition to plain material, you can also use patterned tiles. With the help of such tiles, various areas on which one would like to focus attention are often decorated.

Laying option

White-black or red-black tiles in the bathroom can be laid in different ways:

Classic in the interior

  • Dark bottom, light top - a recognized classic.
  • Diagonally. A rather complex option that involves laying at an angle of 45°.
  • With imitation brickwork - an option ideal for rectangular tiles. Each subsequent row is laid with an offset of half a tile.
  • “Herringbone”, during which the elements are arranged perpendicularly.
  • In a modular way - involving the use of not only tiles of different colors, but also of different sizes. As a result of this installation, it is possible to consistently obtain a specific pattern, repeating itself at a certain distance.
  • Combined method - several styling options are used simultaneously.

If you have a narrow space, you can use white tiles as a base tile. Black bathroom tiles, laid out in the form of horizontal lines on a light background, will visually increase the width of the room. When the stripes are arranged vertically, there will be an illusion of a higher ceiling than it actually is.

Combined option

How to achieve perfect results

Plumbing and accessories

It is difficult to separate two concepts such as plumbing and a bathroom: black tiles in this case set the tone for the bathtub or shower stall itself, as well as the accessories purchased. In a room where black tones are clearly dominant, but there is a certain percentage of light, white plumbing will look very nice. It will help balance the existing confrontation. At the same time, black plumbing fixtures on a light background will amaze anyone with its splendor. Especially if the room is large enough and there are windows.

[note] Manufacturers offer a fairly large assortment of tiles. When choosing, you should pay attention not only to its size, but also to the shade. Sometimes a stunning effect can be achieved by using black tiles of different shades at the same time.[/note]

If the room has a window, the wall opposite it can be safely finished with black material. When installing partitions, it is better to use glass, which will not interfere with the spread of light.

It's worth taking care of the mirror. With it, any room visually increases, and especially in black tones. It should be placed opposite a wall decorated with light-colored material. If there is one, of course.

Mirrors in the interior

[note] For a room in black and white, you should not purchase bright towels or accessories. It is better to choose everything in exactly the same range. Any bright spot (even if it is an ordinary cosmetic product) in such a bathroom will attract attention. However, a small accessory in a rich red or yellow color in a single copy will look very appropriate.[/note]

Collections of professional designers

Black collections are available from almost any tile manufacturer, therefore, when creating a dark interior, the buyer can always purchase a ready-made solution, as well as preview how it should look in the interior. Most series consist not only of black tiles, but also of tiles of a matching color to make it easier to select a range.

We bring to your attention elegant solutions from professionals:

  • The leader in black mosaic finishing is Inter Matex, which offers the consumer several lines at once. This mosaic will look great both on the floor (Lagos collection) and as a decoration for certain areas above the bathtub and sink (Myka collection). The Nacar Abyss series is also interesting, in which rich black tiles are combined with dark gray, steel and imitating natural stone.

Three mosaic solutions in black

  • “Fabrizio” from the Shakhtinsky plant will be of interest to those who find the usual black and white contrast too boring. Both light and dark elements of the set have a marbled texture, reminiscent of a cobweb. In addition, the interior is complemented by gray color, which is used to paint two types of frieze and flowers on decorative elements. The decorative elements themselves have two variations - a more modest one with a flower in the center and a more massive one with two rows of flowers.

An elegant solution from the Shakhty plant - “Fabrizio”

  • The Polish factory Tubadzin demonstrates an extraordinary approach to black with the Origami collection. The series begins classically with floor and wall tiles in white and black, but the most interesting is the decor - black tiles with a red floral design and a decorative pencil in the same rich red color. The texture of the tile is not monochromatic, but is diluted with longitudinal stripes, which make the light simply play on the surface. It is worth noting that the collection will look especially luxurious under artificial lighting.

Play of light on Origami tiles

  • Keramin offers customers the “Organza” series, the main decorative idea of ​​which is similar to lace and luxurious oriental fabrics. Black color can be complemented with white or beige - both color variations are presented in the collection. A stylized floral design will help create a bathroom in a French, oriental or any other romantic style. Black color in this solution can be used even on all surfaces: thanks to the pattern, it will not look too gloomy.

Elegant lace on Organza tiles

Thus, black bathroom tiles are an option available to everyone. You just need to choose the right material and correctly place the accents. Following our advice, it will not be difficult to transform the interior of any room in size.