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Cleaning the bath correctly: how to care for acrylic, cast iron, enameled products

The type of cleaning agent we use to wash the bathtub and the method of stain removal we use to eliminate stains on it depends on its appearance and service life. Moreover, it is necessary to follow the recommendations not only for owners of acrylic bathtubs, but also for their cast-iron counterparts. We will tell you how to cope with this seemingly simple task.

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Caring for acrylic bathtubs: basic rules

Acrylic bathtubs are always very popular among consumers. Their price is affordable for almost everyone, and the products are quite durable. They have a unique heat-insulating property, which allows you to maintain hot water temperature longer. Resistant to mechanical stress. In addition, their coating has antibacterial properties, which is not an unimportant factor. In order for these properties to be preserved for as long as possible, ...

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