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Choosing an anti-slip bath mat

The bathroom is the most dangerous place in our home. It's quite easy to get injured here. Indoor humidity is usually quite high, especially when taking a bath or shower. Steam, rising from the air, condenses and settles on the floor, turning it practically into a skating rink. An anti-slip bath mat will help you avoid such troubles. Today we will talk about how to choose such a coating.

Anti-slip mat makes bathing safe

Types of anti-slip floor mats

Synthetic mats

Synthetic anti-slip bath mats are most often made from acrylic. This material is particularly hygienic and environmentally friendly. It does not contain toxic substances and does not cause allergic reactions. The use of special acrylic processing in the production process makes the surface of the rug pleasant and soft to the touch, visually in no way different from natural materials.

Acrylic mats look very natural

In addition to it, you can also find rubber products on sale, as well as those made from PVC. Polyvinyl chloride is also very convenient to use. This rug does not fade and is easy to clean.

The coating of the products necessarily contains antibacterial components, which helps prevent the spread of fungal infection. Manufacturers also add flavoring ingredients to the composition, which allows you to get rid of unpleasant odors.

Soft foamed PVC

When the bathing is finished, the products are simply dried thoroughly. If you follow this simple requirement, the rug will last a very long time. PVC and acrylic can be washed in an automatic machine (the first type is on a delicate cycle), as they do not fade or lose their original shape. A rubber mat for the bathroom would also be an excellent choice.

Rubber products have good durability

In general, synthetic materials used by manufacturers have good characteristics:

  • antistatic;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • resistance to various stains;
  • long service life.

Rug made from natural materials

Non-slip mats made of natural material will require more careful handling. This product requires careful care. But there is one plus here - after a warm bath, your feet will not stand on bare cold tiles or rubber, but will feel warm and soft. Kids will especially like this.

Soft cotton rug

The most commonly used material chosen by manufacturers is cotton. It absorbs water perfectly and is completely hypoallergenic. And what makes it non-slip is a special backing, which ensures maximum adhesion to the surface of the tile.

[note]When choosing a non-slip mat made from natural materials, take into account the length of the pile of the product. Short-pile rugs dry much faster, do not require particularly careful maintenance, and retain their original appearance for a long time. Long pile, of course, is much more pleasant for the feet, but such products will require careful handling.[/note]

Coverings for the bathroom itself

If you choose a product that will be placed not on the floor of the room, but directly in the bathroom bowl, pay attention to the following materials:

  1. A mat that is placed directly on the bottom of the bathtub is most often made from silicone. The surface has a textured pattern, and the reverse side is necessarily equipped with special suction cups, which ensure complete immobility of the mat for the entire period of use.

Silicone mats with suction cups

  1. The second material option is latex. It is softer compared to silicone products. In addition, latex is an excellent antiseptic. Hygiene procedures for both product options are quite simple: washing with any product and further drying.
  2. A PVC bath mat with suction cups can be attached directly to the bottom of the bathtub or shower tray. Thanks to the suction cups, they are attached very securely and make water procedures completely safe.
  3. A soft rubber bath mat is another type of product from this category. They are very convenient to place in the bathroom. The surface of rubber bathing mats has a very subtle ribbed pattern, making it pleasant on the feet. These mats are ideal for bathing babies . After all, children are very restless and do not understand the danger that the smooth surface of the bathtub poses. Using the product will protect the baby from falling, and will make the bathing process somewhat easier for the mother, who will not have to constantly hold the fidget. The rugs must have special suction cups that are guaranteed to fix them on the surface of the bathroom, providing an anti-slip effect.

We have already mentioned that silicone mats are used to cover the bottom of the bathtub when bathing. But sometimes they are used as a base for fabric products, because they retain moisture and do not slip on the tiles at all. These rugs are made up of many small circles connected by thin bridges. It is this pattern that ensures ease of use and anti-slip properties.

How to choose an anti-slip bath mat

Since we are considering the question of how to choose an anti-slip bath mat, we have prepared a short guide. We hope that our advice will help you.

The color range of products is very extensive and will fit into any interior.

So, the following requirements are imposed on the product:

  • the material chosen by the manufacturer must be resistant to high humidity and frequent temperature changes, as this is typical for the bathroom;
  • the presence of a high-quality anti-slip substrate is the main condition for safety;
  • the product must dry very quickly, otherwise troubles in the form of odor and fungus cannot be avoided;
  • the rug should be pleasant to the touch, which is very important when there is a baby in the house;
  • it must retain its original shape;
  • match the overall style of the bathroom.

[note]When choosing an anti-slip mat, carefully examine the edges of the product. They should not have sharp surfaces or bend. In addition, a high-quality rug cannot have a strong odor.[/note]

A hydromassage mat for the bathroom can also be an interesting accessory . We hope that you have received a comprehensive answer and are now ready to make the right choice. Good luck!