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How to choose and install a towel rack

If you ask yourself what is one of the most necessary accessories in the bathroom, the first thing that comes to mind is a towel. A special place should be provided for its storage - a bathroom shelf for towels. Our article will tell you how to choose and install this accessory.

A place to store towels in the bathroom can become a highlight of the interior.

Requirements for storage space for towels

We list the criteria that a shelf in the bathroom must meet:

  1. Safety. It is expressed both in the reliability of the fastenings and in the proximity to the working area of ​​the bathroom, so that you can easily reach the towel without slipping in the soapy water.
  2. Functionality. The main function of the shelf is to store towels and related small items, so it should be quite spacious.
  3. Space saving. A characteristic feature of wall-mounted and built-in shelves is that with their help you can rationally use the small space of the bathroom. This is their advantage compared to floor-standing cabinets.
  4. Aesthetics. The shelf should be in harmony with the overall design style of the room and decorate it.

Types of towel shelves

A shelf is an interior element characterized by a huge variety of shapes and designs. It can be open and closed, removable and stationary. Let's take a closer look at the types of materials from which shelves are made.

Most often, shelves for bathroom towels are:

  • Glass. This is a good choice for connoisseurs of a subtle, “weightless” style. In addition, such shelves are immune to mold and mildew.

Glass shelves look quite original

[note] For bathroom shelves you should choose only impact-resistant glass. [/note]

  • Metal elements for storing towels are a win-win universal solution for the bathroom. Durable and beautiful chrome plated metal will suit any room design.

Metal product will suit any interior style

[note]When buying a metal shelf for the bathroom, give preference to stainless steel or plumbing brass from well-known manufacturers. Then there is a chance that the coating will not peel off after a month of use. These metals are resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. [/note]

  • Ceramic shelves will gracefully fit into a room with a sink and bathtub made of the same material. They are resistant to aggressive environments. However, they have low impact resistance.
  • Marble shelves look expensive, emphasizing the status of the owner. They will look harmonious in a large spacious bathroom. This material has a budget analogue in the form of artificial granite.
  • Wooden. Such a shelf for towels in the bathroom, decorated with inlay or carvings, will bring an unforgettable atmosphere of home comfort and unity with nature. It will fit perfectly into an interior that already has similar wooden elements.

Wooden shelves fit well into large bathrooms

[note]For use in the bathroom, you should choose only moisture-resistant types of wood. For reliability, they are coated with a water-repellent varnish on top. [/note]

  • Plastic shelves are now incredibly popular. And this is understandable, because they have two important advantages: a wide range of colors and an affordable price. In addition, they are easy to care for and moisture resistant.

Shelf installation

The final stage of bathroom renovation is the installation of shelves. To do this, first of all, you need to decide on its location.

Choosing a place for a shelf for towels

A shelf for towels in the bathroom can be attached:

  • In the corner . A very rational approach in terms of using space that is often idle.
  • On the wall (usually above the bathroom). The location is standard, but does not lose its relevance.
  • In a niche. A “built-in” shelf looks very impressive and organic, especially if it is finished with the same materials as the walls.

Built-in niche for towels

  • On the door. Original solution. It will be successful if you choose a small shelf that is identical in texture, color and material to the door material.

A shelf that clings to a door usually does not require special fasteners

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing a Wall Mounted Glass Shelf in a Bathroom

Let's look at how a shelf for towels in a bathroom is attached to the wall using a glass one as an example. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Mark on the wall with a marker where the shelves are attached to the wall.

[note]To set a strict horizontal line and to avoid possible curvature, use a level. [/note]

Fasteners for glass shelves

  1. Drill holes of a given diameter in the wall using a drill.
  2. Insert clamps under the dowels into the cleaned holes.
  3. Connect the clamps and fasteners for the shelf.
  4. Insert a glass shelf between the fasteners and tighten them securely.

When choosing shelves for storing towels in the bathroom, you should consider the interior of the room. If you purchase high-quality materials and follow the technological sequence for installing the shelf, you can get a good result that will please you for many years.