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Selecting and installing a stainless steel shelf in the bathroom

A bathroom without quality accessories will never be truly comfortable. Stainless steel bathroom shelves are one such accessory.

In general, shelves for the bathroom are very important, because they help not only to conveniently place various tubes and bottles, but also to complement the design of the bathroom, placing the necessary accents. For example, a chrome-plated faucet will successfully highlight the chrome that acts as a coating on the wall shelf. And today we will talk exclusively about metal shelves for the bathroom.

A metal product will give the room a special chic

A metal product will give the room a special chic

What kind of shelves are there?

Corner shelf for bathroom

Already from the name it is clear that the location of such a shelf is the corner of the room. Quite a significant advantage, since it is the corners of almost any room that always remain empty. Although it is possible to install a shelf that will serve faithfully, freeing up space for more important things, for example, a heated towel rail.

[note] Corner hanging shelves are very popular. A bathroom with such shelves looks cozy and is much more functional.[/note]

Hanging shelf for bathroom

Classic, and therefore the most common option. Of course, hanging shelves made of stainless steel, in principle, cannot be large, but as a shelf for household chemicals or for bath towels, they are ideal.

Sometimes stainless steel bathroom shelves can simply serve as a cute accessory, where instead of a glass for toothbrushes and lotions there will be a vase with fresh flowers.

Stainless steel is the most suitable metal for the bathroom

Stainless steel is the most suitable metal for the bathroom

Shelf located under the bath

The human desire to always have everything at hand is quite natural. This also applies to the bathroom, but it is almost impossible to fit all the necessary items into a fairly small area. Therefore, do not forget about the space under the bathroom itself. The shelf can be installed by covering it with a screen or a special curtain, which will allow you to fill the resulting improvised cabinet with any necessary items. These can be bath accessories, and the same towels and robes.

Shelves can also be placed under the sink

Shelves can also be placed under the sink

Shelves located in niches

Products are located in natural niches or artificially created ones. The convenience lies in the fact that it is impossible to hit such a shelf, or simply touch it with your elbow. After all, this is the most common reason for shelves falling.

Shelf on the entrance door to the bathroom

Such a thing should be combined, if not with the color of the door, then with the style of the entire room. As a rule, such shelves are equipped with small hooks on which you can hang a robe or bath towel.

Options for shelves placed on the door

Options for shelves placed on the door

Advantages of metal shelves

Metal bathroom shelves are much more expensive than plastic or glass ones. And this is quite justified, since stainless steel demonstrates a number of advantages over other materials:

  1. Strength. The stainless steel coating is quite difficult to damage, leaving a dent, or simply scratching.
  2. Hygiene. Stainless steel has a special surface that is virtually free of microcracks and pores into which dirt can get trapped.
  3. Resistant to water. The material does not react at all to high humidity in the room, as well as temperature changes. In addition, such bathroom shelves, even when in prolonged contact with water, are absolutely not susceptible to corrosion.
  4. Resistant to temperature changes. Stainless steel does not change its characteristics during sudden temperature changes.
  5. Beauty. The attractive design of stainless steel shelves puts them on par with exclusive accessories, especially if the product is coated with expensive metal. Bronze looks great in this design.
There is also a floor-mounted option

There is also a floor-mounted option

Installing metal bathroom shelves yourself

A metal bathroom shelf , no matter what its configuration, can be installed independently, without the involvement of professionals.

You will need the following set of tools:

  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • fasteners;
  • ruler;
  • pencil.

So let's get started:

  1. Before you start drilling into the wall, decide on the location of the shelf on the bathroom wall. Remember that use of the shelf should be available to all family members. At the same time, it was possible to reach it without problems, but it also should not interfere.
  2. The shelf must hang level, otherwise things will simply slide off it. Coping with this task is very simple - focus on the tiles, or rather their seams. In addition, perfect accuracy can be achieved using a building level.
  3. Sometimes shelves are attached to the wall using suction cups. As a rule, these are corner shelves designed for a maximum of a bar of soap. But, nevertheless, it is worth making the mount more durable. And here the usual Moment glue will come to the rescue. Just apply it to the surface of the suction cup and glue the shelf in the right place.
shelf installation drilling

shelf installation drilling

  1. The stainless steel shelf in the bathroom is attached using self-tapping screws, and therefore there is a need to drill into the walls. There are professional subtleties here. First, you need to drill a hole in the tile and only then deepen it, that is, the process takes place in two stages.
  2. To drill the tile itself without damaging its surface, you need to take a pobedite drill bit. Then the hole will be small and neat.
  3. If the wall is made of aerated concrete or foam concrete, then you can use a drill or screwdriver to deepen the hole. But this technology is not suitable for brick and concrete walls. Here you need a hammer drill or impact drill (don’t forget to turn off the “impact” mode).
  4. When the holes are ready, the dowel is installed first and only then the self-tapping screw is attached to it.
A level will help you hang the product perfectly level.

A level will help you hang the product perfectly level.

As you can see, installing a shelf does not require any special skills. Accuracy and accuracy in calculations is all that is required of you.

Basically, that's all we would like to share with you. Now you know about the advantages of stainless steel over other materials and can make your choice.