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How to choose and install a corner shelf in the bathroom

When choosing a shelf for a bathroom, you can consider many options, but it is the corner shelf for a bathroom that has special advantages. And, above all, it is an opportunity to use wasted space. Agree, the corners of the bathroom are almost always empty, and such models fit perfectly there. And today we will look at all possible variations of corner shelves.

corner bathroom shelf

Neat mini-shelf for the bathroom

What are the corner shelves for the bathroom?

Glass shelves

The glass shelf is a huge success and at the same time it is quite practical. Glass is one of those materials that does not deform or break and can withstand sudden changes in temperature and humidity (which is very typical for a bathroom).

It's very easy to put it in order. To do this, simply treat the glass with a regular window cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth. And the shelf will again acquire a presentable appearance.

Glass corner shelves for the bathroom have one drawback. An accessory becomes a dangerous item if the manufacturer has chosen low-quality materials. Such a shelf may not support the weight or simply break from an accidental blow. Therefore, when choosing such products, pay attention to the quality of the glass and the product manufacturer.

corner shelves for bathroom

Practical glass shelf

But at the same time, glass shelves are very easy to install and fit perfectly into any interior. They don't take up much space and can even visually expand the space if complemented with mirrors or shiny metal surfaces.

Metal shelves

An interesting bathroom accessory in every way. The durability and strength of the metal allows the product to take on quite a lot of weight, if necessary, thanks to its strong fastening. It will harmonize perfectly with the overall style of the bathroom, if, of course, it is chosen correctly.

A corner metal shelf for a bathroom, if it is truly made of high-quality material, will last a very long time. When choosing, you should give preference to chrome-plated products, and combining it with other accessories of the same shade will allow you to create the necessary original accents.

corner bathroom shelf

Metal always looks elegant

Plastic shelves

Plastic shelves are the most popular because they are very, very inexpensive. After all, there is absolutely no point in purchasing expensive glass when you can choose a completely decent plastic analogue.

Corner shelves for the bathroom, made of plastic, are completely immune to temperature changes and sudden changes in air humidity, which occur quite often in the bathroom.

This shelf can support significant weight. It cannot break if accidentally touched or dropped. And even if it breaks, a relatively small amount will be required to buy a new one. The only “but”: plastic models rarely have exclusive shapes, and to pick up something interesting you will need to wander around the shops.

corner shelf for bathroom

Plastic is the most affordable material

Telescopic shelves

The telescopic corner shelf is a fairly simple design, but this does not lose any of its functionality. And it has one significant advantage over the options already considered - moving shelves.

Visually, it consists of a base ( plastic or metal ) that is attached to any corner of the bathroom. At the same time, the shelves, made of durable plastic, can move freely both up and down. You get the opportunity to adjust the height of the space between them, which is very convenient.

Telescopic shelves will harmoniously complement the modern design of the bathroom, of course, if it is not an exclusive antique style. And for a standard bathroom, this is simply an excellent solution.

corner shelves for the bathroom

Telescopic model allows you to adjust the height of the shelves

[note]When purchasing a telescopic model, be sure to test the movement of the shelves along the base. Ideally, the shelves themselves should have latches that will prevent them from falling under the weight of the load.[/note]

Wooden shelves

Wood is an excellent natural material that is perfect for a stylized bathroom, since here the shelf will not be a simple stylish accessory. A wooden corner shelf for a bathroom will become part of the overall image of the room, harmoniously complementing it.

Of course, wooden shelves are not very durable and will require more careful and attentive treatment.

wooden shelf for bathroom

Wooden corner shelf for bathroom

[note]When purchasing, pay attention to the wood coating. It must be treated with special means that can withstand high humidity.[/note]

We hang a corner shelf in the bathroom ourselves

Hanging corner shelves in the bathroom, regardless of appearance and materials, will not be too difficult a task. So, let's begin.

  1. And the first thing you need to do is determine the location of the shelf in the bathroom. They hang the shelf so that it is convenient for all family members to use it, that is, you can reach it quite easily, but at the same time it does not bother anyone.
  2. It is also necessary to hang the shelf level. The easiest way to solve this problem is to focus on the edge of the tiles that line the walls.
  3. Quite often, corner shelves are equipped with suction cups. But, as you understand, fastenings of this type are very unreliable. The silicone mount and the weight of the product can withstand great difficulty. To ensure high-quality adhesion of the silicone and the wall surface, you can use the following trick: coat the surface of the suction cup with Moment universal glue. Simple, practical, and most importantly, strong. The shelf will be firmly fixed in just 15 minutes. The only drawback of this option is that the glue will be visible on the surface of the tile if you decide to remove the shelf.
  4. If there is a need to drill tiled walls, then this must be done in two stages. The first hole is drilled in the tile itself and only then is it deepened. A ready-made dowel is driven into the hole and a self-tapping screw is fastened into it. The next step is hanging the shelf itself.

The process of fastening to a self-tapping screw with a dowel

Some nuances

Professionals have their own tricks, which we share with you:

  • If foam concrete or gas blocks were used as the main material of the wall, then you can deepen the hole using a drill or screwdriver. Only a hammer drill can take on brick and concrete walls. Alternatively, you can use an impact drill, having first turned off the “impact” mode.
  • For drilling tiles, it is preferable to use a pobedit drill bit. Then the hole will be small, and the tile itself will remain without any damage.
  • Miniature bathroom shelves do not require additional reinforcement. Short screws will be sufficient. But in general, you should take into account the total weight of the items that are planned to be placed on the surface of the shelf.

That's basically all we wanted to tell you about corner shelves for the bathroom. Now, knowing the features of each model, you can choose the most suitable option.