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How to choose and install a curtain rod in the bathroom

“Soviet” bathroom interior design has long sunk into oblivion, giving way to comfort and elegance. Cast iron bathtubs also went out of fashion, having been transformed beyond recognition. Construction supermarkets present a huge range of bathtubs of various models. And even such a banal thing as a curtain rod in the bathroom is presented very widely. Diversity sometimes plays a cruel joke and buyers have problems choosing the most suitable model. Our article will help you understand the many nuances.

curtain rod in the bathroom

Semicircular curtain for the bathroom

What types of curtain rods are there?


According to the shape of the rods, they are divided into:

  • standard;
  • non-standard.

The second category includes curvilinear models that not only look elegant, but also emphasize the style of the bathroom.

Standard rods come in the following types:

  1. Direct. This is the most common form and is characterized by its simplicity. In addition, there are quite a lot of mounting options. Fits perfectly into rectangular rooms.
  2. Arc. Suitable for decorating round or corner baths. Sometimes additional fixation may be required to strengthen the assembled structure.
  3. Angular. Models of this type require additional fastening to a durable surface. I would like to make a special mention of the corner curtain rod for the bathroom. Models from this category are ideal for bathtubs with non-standard sizes and shapes.
corner curtain rod for bathroom

Curtain rod

[note] Experts recommend additionally attaching corner rods to the ceiling surface. Simply attaching to walls is not always enough.[/note]


Depending on the material used, products are divided into the following types:

  1. Plastic. The bars look great, are light weight and are quite affordable. When opening the curtains, their movements are practically inaudible, and that’s where the advantages end. During operation, plastic rods gradually lose their original color and become deformed. Plastic may not even withstand excessive load and break. More recently, models made from polymer plastic have appeared, the main difference of which is high strength.
rings for bathroom curtain rods

Plastic rings are not very durable, but are usually included with the curtain

  1. Metal. The most common models are those using brushed aluminum, stainless steel and some other metals. A metal curtain rod for a bathroom curtain costs much more. When purchasing, pay attention to the rings. If they are metal, then any movement of the curtains will be accompanied by increased noise. Plastic rings are very fragile, so the best option is metal coated with plastic.
curtain rod

The metal rod must be made of high-quality material, otherwise rust will appear on it

Aluminum perfectly withstands the aggressive environment of the bathroom: high humidity and temperature changes. Products of this type are quite lightweight and durable. But the matte surface is not very attractive, and they can sag under excessive load.

Chrome-plated steel products are deservedly popular. Excellent appearance and durability, even at a fairly high cost, have made them especially popular. It is the rods made of this material that have unusual shapes.

  1. Combined.

A combined curtain rod for a bathroom curtain combines metal and plastic. As an option, a metal base coated with plastic.

[note] When choosing a cornice, be sure to pay attention to the curtain material. Polypropylene - easily torn, but lighter. Fabric curtains have rich colors, but require special care. [/note]


Structurally, the products are divided into:

  • tension or string;
  • sliding or telescopic

The latter are much more convenient, since the length of the product can be changed according to your wishes. Attaching telescopic rods is also not particularly difficult.

curtain rod for bathroom

The telescopic rod for the bathroom curtain is installed in accordance with the instructions

Attaching the cornice: methods

When making a purchase, you are sure to receive a kit with all the necessary parts. There are three ways to secure the bar:

  • directly to the wall;
  • fastening to the ceiling of the room;
  • universal mount.

To attach the bathroom curtains (installation does not take much time) you will need the following tools:

  • electric drill;
  • a drill or hammer drill will be necessary if the bathroom wall is load-bearing;
  • a special drill (diamond drill) if the bathroom wall is lined with porcelain stoneware or small glass tiles;
  • a simple pencil so that you can make marks, and discard the marker, as it is sometimes quite problematic to remove;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver.

Installation procedure for curtain rods

The tension cornice is installed as follows:

  1. Place the product against the wall and, using a pencil, make marks where it meets the wall. Remember that the optimal height is 1.6 meters from the level of the bathroom. In this case, the hanging curtain will end about 20 centimeters below the level of the bathroom, which is quite enough to avoid splashing on the floor while taking a shower.
  2. Attach the bracket to this point and mark the places on the wall where you need to drill holes.
bathroom curtains installation

Installing a curtain in the bathroom

  1. Next, take a suitable tool and drill holes at least 4.5 centimeters deep.
  2. The plastic dowels, also included in the kit, must be inserted so that the head extends outward by about 0.5 centimeters.
  3. Secure the brackets.
  4. Loosen the clamp screw and place the pipe into the secured bracket.
  5. Decorative caps are put on last.

A tastefully selected cornice will not only create comfortable conditions, but will also decorate the interior. As you can see, installing the accessory does not take much time and requires only basic skills.