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Choosing a safe children's bath mat

Children love to splash around in the bathtub, and getting out hot after a swim onto the cold floor of the room is not a pleasant pleasure. Adults don't like it, and kids don't like it even more. Therefore, let's talk about which children's bath mat is best to choose.

Let's figure out which products will be safe for the baby

What types of bath mats are there?

Cotton products

Such rugs will create real coziness in the bathroom, and to ensure maximum comfort for children's feet, you need to choose long-pile rugs.

Children's cotton bath mats have a number of attractive features:

  • they are very warm;
  • perfectly absorb moisture;
  • safe because they have a silicone backing;
  • dry quickly;
  • they can be washed in a regular washing machine;
  • they are beautiful.

Just the perfect set of qualities.

Cotton rug with baby print

Microfiber rugs

Rugs of this type appeared relatively recently. Their feature is excellent absorbency combined with a pleasant soft surface. For the manufacture of such models, dissected polyester is used.

The surface of such accessories is very soft and pleasant to the touch.


Bathroom mats for children perfectly combine an interesting appearance and useful qualities of wood. It is known that wood is a very warm natural material, so even the simplest wooden lattice will protect the little ones’ feet from the cold. But mats look more aesthetically pleasing and children like them much more.

The material for such rugs is rattan. And its naturalness only adds advantages to such a coating, giving it natural energy.

Mats are completely safe to use because they are treated with water-repellent and anti-slip agents.

Natural rattan mats

Acrylic rugs

Acrylic products are very popular due to their soft, foot-friendly texture. But at the same time they are extremely strong, which is explained by the properties of acrylic itself. It does not lose its shape or original color even after machine washing.

Fun acrylic rug

Manufacturers of acrylic rugs carry out mandatory treatment of the surface of the rug with antibacterial solutions, which helps protect it from the appearance of fungus.

[note] When choosing an acrylic rug, pay attention to its composition. The following numbers will indicate the quality: 85% acrylic and 15% polyester. [/note]

"Foam" mats

These are modern models, in the production of which special foamed PVC is used. Rolls of such coatings can be seen in any construction supermarket.

The advantages of the products include their complete safety during operation, since it is impossible to slip on them. In addition, the material is very pleasant to the feet and does not absorb water. Cleaning the mat is also very simple - just rinse it under running water.

Bathroom rugs for children made from this material look very bright. In addition, they are completely safe to use.

Foamed PVC: bright and unpretentious

Bamboo rugs

In addition to the fact that environmentally friendly material is used for production, it also has excellent antibacterial qualities. Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture very quickly and then simply evaporates it.

In general, bamboo mats can absorb almost one and a half times more water than other products. Such rugs last a very long time without losing their original properties.

Bamboo products have increased absorbent properties

Rubber mats

Rubber mats can be used in two ways:

  • lie on the floor, ensuring safety after taking a bath;
  • used in the bathroom itself while bathing.

Rubber mats in bright colors encourage your baby's desire to take a bath.

If everything is clear with the first category, then the second is more interesting.

Mini bath mats (children's options) from the second category are also divided into:

  1. Massage. The surface of such a rug is not entirely smooth; it has special bulges. They are the ones who provide foot massage. You can find funny rugs in the shape of huge feet or fish. While taking a shower, your child will get a lot of pleasure from the process of trampling and at the same time have a great foot massage. These mats are completely safe because they are made from rubber. And its main advantage is that the material does not slip at all.
  1. Anti-slip. These mats have special suction cups that are located on the back side. You just stick it to the bottom of the bathroom and you can be completely calm - it won’t go anywhere.

Heated mats

A heated mat differs from a regular one in that it not only creates comfortable conditions for children’s feet, but also warms the air in the room. Structurally, it represents a household appliance consisting of three parts: a pair of layers of high-quality carpet and a heating element installed between them.

This is a flexible infrared film that is completely safe for children and is designed specifically for such purposes.

Waterproof heated mat

[note]When the device is operating, its surface heats up evenly. The temperature maximum is only +40, so you can’t get burned. [/note]

Choosing a children's rug for the bathroom

We have prepared a small guide for you that will help you make the right choice:

  • When choosing a children's rug, carefully consider the pile of the product, if any. Having good density and thickness, it will retain a pleasant appearance and last a very long time. The most optimal pile length is approximately 2 centimeters.
  • The back side deserves no less attention. Low-quality products most often have a completely rubberized base. This will prevent the coating from evaporating moisture, which in the future threatens the development of mold and mildew.
  • It is preferable to choose latex coating. Such models of rugs are somewhat more expensive, but you cannot skimp on the baby’s comfort. It is very good if the latex does not cover the entire surface of the rug. Then the pile will be able to “breathe” and the mat will dry very quickly. In addition, the latex coating, like rubber, will not allow the mat to move even on a wet and slippery floor. The latex base is not at all afraid of heated floors and is machine washable.

These mats are equipped with suction cups on the back side.

  • It’s great if the mat is additionally equipped with suction cups. Then your child will definitely be protected from falls.
  • Carefully inspect the edges of the product. Quite often, manufacturers save on finishing by finishing the edges of the product with thin warp threads. If this is the case, then pretty soon the rug will take on a sloppy appearance, and in some cases, the edges will begin to peel. A quality product's edge is always overlocked with threads of a suitable tone. This treatment guarantees the excellent appearance of the rug for a long time.

We hope you found the article useful. Good luck with your choice!