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Cleaning the bath correctly: how to care for acrylic, cast iron, enameled products

The type of cleaning agent we use to wash the bathtub and the method of stain removal we use to eliminate stains on it depends on its appearance and service life. Moreover, it is necessary to follow the recommendations not only for owners of acrylic bathtubs, but also for their cast-iron counterparts. We will tell you how to cope with this seemingly simple task.

Proper care will help maintain the beautiful appearance of both cast iron and acrylic bathtubs

Basic rules for caring for any bathroom

In order to learn how to properly care for your bathroom, you must take into account and strictly follow the following important rules:

  1. Daily care will increase its service life.
  2. It is necessary to strictly refrain from using aggressive products and powders containing abrasive substances.
  3. It is easier to remove dirt immediately, without waiting for the dirt to dry.
  4. After carrying out water procedures, it is necessary to thoroughly wipe the surface.

Now let's look at how to follow these rules and how to clean the bathtub correctly.

How to care for an acrylic bathtub

It is widely believed that acrylic is an impractical and short-lived material. And there is some truth in this. It all depends on how correctly the owners use cleaning products and detergents. So, how to clean an acrylic bathtub?

In order to maintain the original appearance of an acrylic bathtub, you must follow the rules of care for it.

Necessary products for daily care

In order for an acrylic bathtub to last longer, it is necessary to wipe its surface and remove dirt after each use. For this you will need:

  1. A soft cloth or sponge without an abrasive surface.
  2. Laundry soap or special detergent for bathtubs made of acrylic.

[note]Regular cleaning will help maintain the beautiful appearance of your acrylic bathtub and avoid the need to remove stubborn stains and dirt that cannot be removed with conventional detergents.[/note]

How to choose a detergent

In order to choose an effective solution for cleaning an acrylic bathtub that effectively removes dirt and does not cause harm to the smooth surface, the following factors must be taken into account:

  1. Manufacturer's instructions. It usually provides recommendations for caring for the product, including recommended cleaning products.
  2. Compound. Bathtub cleaning substances that have aggressive components or abrasive components should not be used to care for an acrylic product.

Step-by-step instruction

The difficulty of caring for an acrylic bathtub is that it must be washed every day. Dried smudges and dirt, which are easily removed from a cast iron surface using powders or acid, can ruin the appearance of acrylic.

In order to wash an acrylic bathtub correctly, you must:

  1. Moisten the surface with clean warm water.
  2. Using detergent for acrylic bathtubs, wipe the plumbing fixtures and leave for the time specified in the instructions.
  3. Rinse the surface with cold or warm water.
  4. Wipe the bathtub dry with a soft cloth that absorbs water well (microfiber, felt, etc.).

Clean the bathtub only with a soft cloth

[note] When deciding what product to use to clean an acrylic bathtub, you need to pay special attention to its main components.

To clean the surface of acrylic products, it is strictly forbidden to use powders for cleaning dishes and other surfaces, as well as substances containing chlorine, acid, or ammonia. They can change the color of the product or damage its surface, leaving micro-scratches.[/note]

How to care for a cast iron or steel bathtub

A cast iron bathtub is traditionally used in almost every home in the Russian Federation. Surprisingly, for some it looks almost new after 10 years of service, while for others it loses its beautiful appearance after just a few years of service. What is the reason for this difference? A good appearance depends on the right choice, on what to wash the cast-iron bathtub with, as well as on following the recommendations related to daily care.

After taking a bath

It is necessary to wash the bathtub after each use: it will be much easier to remove dirt from it. Do not forget that the use of aggressive substances reduces its service life.

What is the best way to clean a bathtub during daily care and how to do it:

  1. A regular soap solution is suitable for daily care. Some people use dish soap. Wipe the surface with the diluted compound.
  2. Remove the soapy substance with warm water.
  3. Wipe the bathtub dry.

If you wash your cast iron bathtub immediately after use, you can maintain its original appearance longer.

During weekly cleaning

Once a week it is necessary to disinfect and thoroughly wash its surface. The basic rules applicable to the care of acrylic products also apply to cast iron and steel bathtubs. For proper care, you need to choose a good cleaning product and follow the basic rules. Let's consider how to wash an enameled bathtub made of cast iron or steel:

  1. The product must not contain abrasive substances.
  2. The composition may contain various acids, except hydrochloric acid, which can damage the enamel.
  3. Good results can be achieved using vinegar essence (not to be confused with regular vinegar). The bathtub is filled with water in which this substance dissolves (you should check the quantity on the label). After 30 minutes, you can drain the water and thoroughly wash the surface with a soap solution that neutralizes the effects of acid.
  4. Preference should be given to cream-like substances, which have the gentlest effect on the surface and do not harm the enamel.

Remember to wash the bathtub and wipe it dry after each use

How to remove old stains

In order to remove heavy stains, you can use special products. To remove stains:

  1. Apply a layer of cleaning agent for at least 1 hour.
  2. Repeat the procedure until the contamination is completely removed.

The beautiful appearance of the bath is the result of the daily efforts of the owners

Following these simple recommendations will increase the life of the product and allow it to maintain its beautiful appearance for many years.