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Tiling the bathtub: an attractive interior for a long time

Finishing a bathtub with tiles is already considered traditional, which is determined by the material’s compliance with the basic requirements of operating conditions. We are talking about hygiene, resistance to high humidity and aggressive environments, durability and attractive appearance. As a result, a tiled room looks luxurious, comfortable and cozy. Some people do the finishing themselves, which allows them to get the desired result.

Tiles are an ideal option for finishing a bathroom

What kind of finishing is there?

Given the development of modern technologies, today on the construction market you can find a variety of finishing materials that can be used to transform any room. If you need to decorate your bathroom with tiles, then there are several most common options. Most often this is:

  • patterned tiles;
  • textured tiles;
  • mosaic;
  • materials in several colors.

Features of finishing options

Today, construction stores and markets offer a wide range of different textures. You can choose materials with a glossy or matte surface, with a textured pattern in the form of chipped stones, honeycombs, bricks, and shells. Quite often today you can find a convex pattern or imitation of stone, wood and other natural materials.

It's impossible to slip on textured tile floors

Decorating bathroom tiles with printed patterns is also popular. In this case, the owner of an apartment or house can choose a simple and unobtrusive pattern or use colorful abstractions and bright images.

[note]When making a choice, you must remember that a large number of bright elements in the bathroom will not create a relaxing atmosphere. First of all, this applies to tiles with a contrasting pattern applied. It is best to alternate it with monotonous elements. [/note]

The finishing tiles for the bathroom in the form of a mosaic also deserve attention. Small squares of such tiles can be monotonous or different in color. This method is more complex and painstaking, but it can be done. Thus, there is a mosaic on sale that is applied to a mesh, which significantly speeds up and simplifies finishing, because it does not need to be assembled in parts.

Mosaic tiles are glued in whole sheets

Combined finishes and color choice

For bathrooms with a small area, experts do not recommend using tiles of too bright or dark colors. So combined decoration is the right solution in an effort to make the room creative and attractive. Black and white tiles laid in a checkerboard pattern will provide the room with an original look.

[note]Tiles for toilets and bathrooms are often done with details that are similar in shade, which creates a play of colors. Light shades look better on top, and dark shades look better on bottom. The floor is finished with the darkest tiles. [/note]

Recently, a combined method of finishing a bathroom using tiles and painting the walls has become very popular. Examples of finishing a bathroom with tiles using this method involve using tiles only around the sink and bathtub; otherwise, moisture-resistant textured plaster or paint is used.

A neutral shade of tiles along with plain walls will provide the opportunity to change the main shade by repainting the room at least every year.

Combined finishing

Decorating Tips

Experts do not recommend using large tiles in a compact room. For walls and floors in the bathroom, we recommend a square-shaped material with a side of 20 and 30 cm, respectively. Using larger tiles requires fewer inserts. The choice and correct calculation are very important here. Tiles are purchased based on the obtained square footage of the room, with a margin of 10-15%. After this you can start working.

Preparatory stage

First you need to create a bathroom finishing project, which will allow you to determine the amount of material. Special calculator programs are the best help here, many of which are presented on the pages of online construction stores. More advanced software products allow you to see how finishing a bathroom with ceramic tiles will look in three-dimensional format. This will help you notice shortcomings in time and eliminate them. This way it will be possible to optimize the cost of work.

Calculating the number of tiles manually

After purchasing the tiles and all the materials necessary for laying them, you can begin preparing the bathroom itself, namely: removing all extraneous elements, including plumbing fixtures. It is also important to completely clean the surface under the tile, which is leveled and treated with a primer.

[note] Recently, drywall has been used to level surfaces. For the bathroom and other similar rooms, plasterboard options have been developed that are resistant to high humidity. Then you can start finishing. [/note]

Features of tile finishing

In order for the interior decoration of the bathroom with tiles to have an attractive appearance and be able to please the eye for many years, it is important not only to make the right choice, but also to comply with the requirements of the installation technology. Laying tiles is carried out in several stages:

  1. Glue is applied to a cleaned and smooth primed wall surface in such an amount that it is enough to stick 4 tiles.
  2. The tile is pressed against the wall surface. To glue it evenly, use a notched trowel. After which the tile is tapped with a rubber hammer.
  3. To maintain the dimension of the seams between individual tiles, special templates made in the form of plastic staples or crosses are used.
  4. The next day after installation, the templates can be removed, since the glue should set at this time.
  5. Then the joints are grouted with a special material, which is matched to the color of the tile.
  6. After the grout has set, the residue can be wiped off with a dry cloth.

DIY tile installation

Then, if desired, tiling can be done under the bathtub. This measure is not necessary if you plan to install a closing screen, but will allow you to use the space under the bath as storage space.

Next, plumbing equipment can be installed. To maintain a beautiful bathroom interior, you need to regularly care for the tiles.

Features of care

After laying tiles in the bathroom, it is very important to preserve its beauty for as long as possible. No matter how durable and reliable the material is, years of use will certainly take their toll. Careful attitude and compliance with all requirements will significantly extend the life of the finish and always maintain the attractive appearance of the room.

Clean tiles with non-abrasive products

Most often, tiles are used for finishing, which are durable and strong. But in addition to regular cleaning, it requires other preventive measures. First of all, this concerns the elimination of limescale in places where condensation accumulates. For glossy tiles, the use of abrasive substances and metal tools is strictly prohibited.

It is especially difficult to remove traces of hard water, soap and other substances that are constantly on the tile surface. If they do appear, you can rub the surface with a solution of ammonia or vinegar. The tile will shine like new.

So, to obtain a high-quality result, you need to consult with specialists in order to make the correct calculation and choice of material. Then you need to follow the instructions presented above, and even a novice builder will be able to solve the problem of how to tile a bathroom.