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Choosing the texture of bathroom tiles

When planning renovation or decoration of a bathroom, the main emphasis is placed on tiles, because it is their style, design and surface texture that are the basis of the interior. Until recently, glossy surfaces were mostly used, but today matte bathroom tiles are becoming increasingly popular. It looks very stylish and noble, and it is even, perhaps, easier to care for than a glossy one: drops and streaks on it are much less noticeable.

Great option for using matte tiles

Texture options

Ceramics is a material that has simply enormous possibilities: clay products can have almost any shape and size, and the variety of surface textures also varies.

Ceramic tiles with an interesting texture

Artists and designers have shown a lot of imagination, and on sale, in addition to matte and glossy surfaces, which are classic options, you can find ceramics that imitate metal, wood, and natural stone in texture. Embossed tiles for the bathroom also look interesting, the only thing is that they require a little more maintenance than smooth ones, since dirt can be retained in the uneven areas.

Glossy tiles

For many years, glossy bathroom tiles have been in greatest demand. It is believed that this traditional option looks quite elegant, and its shine is the best indicator of order and the housewife’s ability to maintain it. It is worth noting that such bathroom tiles - glossy and well-groomed - cast mirror reflections and serve as an excellent decoration for the bathroom. We can definitely recommend tiles with a surface of this type if space is limited, in which case it visually allows you to make the volume of the bathroom larger than it actually is.

Glossy tiles on the floor - danger of falling

It is used everywhere:

  • Walls and floor of the bathroom.
  • Kitchen walls and splashback.
  • As a floor covering for any room.

[note]Despite this versatility of use, some experts do not recommend it as a floor covering, since the mirror surface can become an additional factor in increasing the incidence of injuries. Even rubber mats, which are used in addition to it, cannot correct the situation, and often the need for repair and replacement is caused by such a trivial reason. [/note]

Glossy bathroom tiles are also not recommended if the level of calcium salts in the water is quite high, and the housewife does not have much time to maintain its surface in a mirror-like condition.

Mirror bathroom tiles are most often used on the ceiling

Matte tiles

Today, matte bathroom tiles are a hit of the season, and not for the first time. The main place where it is recommended to use it is the floor covering. The reasons for the unsuccessful use of glossy tiles on the floor have already been indicated above; from the same point of view, a matte surface looks much more attractive.

Its decorative properties are highly appreciated by designers who, despite the lack of a shiny surface, allow them to create a noble and solid interior for the bathroom. In intense lighting, the tiles do not produce glare, which, with high power lamps, simply “hits” the eyes. This is noticeable even when looking at catalogs with it. The lack of shine allows you to create a homely, cozy and comfortable interior, where the coldness of the ceramics is reduced to zero thanks to the matte surface structure.

[note]It must be said that the combination of matte and glossy tiles of the same color in the interior of a separate room is not welcome, and is considered a manifestation of illiteracy of a designer specialist. [/note]

What to choose

What should you prefer when planning a renovation: matte tiles or glossy ones? What indicators can be decisive? Several factors influence the choice of surface texture, as described below:

  1. Place of use. As stated above, both ceramic surfaces are universal, however, a matte surface is strictly recommended for use as a floor covering. Gloss is a direct path to injury, both with and without an additional mat. As for the walls, it all depends on the taste of the owner, and both glossy and matte are mounted on the walls with equal success, as long as it fits into the design concept.

Bathroom finished with glossy tiles

  1. Care. It is believed that glossy tiles require careful care to always have a presentable appearance. In fact, it turns out that matte ceramics also require work and attention, sometimes even more than gloss. In many ways, the invisibility of a drip depends not on the texture of the tile, but on its color: on a light-colored surface, lime deposits are much more noticeable.
  2. Lighting. A matte surface looks better in bright light, but if the lighting is insufficient, gloss can visually increase the space.

Light reflections on glossy tiles

In general, which tile to choose depends on the specific case, and requires only one thing - thoughtfulness and the absence of hasty decisions.