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Belarusian manufacturers of bathroom tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular and in demand materials; they are produced in many countries, their color, design, size and price vary widely. For those who are interested in bathroom tiles in Belarus, our article contains many interesting examples. Until recently, the technological capabilities of Belarusian ceramic tile production were hopelessly outdated; today, modernization has radically changed this situation.

One of the samples of Belarusian ceramic tiles

Advantages of Belarusian tiles

Today, there are several manufacturers of finishing ceramics operating in the Republic of Belarus. Their number is small, but they cope with their task perfectly, providing products not only for their country, but also supplying them to Russia. The success of Belarusian production is explained by several reasons:

  • Reliable production base. Even under the Soviet Union, high-quality and beautiful tiles were produced in Belarus. During modernization, traditions were preserved, and as a result, the successors inherited a responsible attitude to production and strict control.
  • Using high quality environmentally friendly materials. Belarusian bathroom tiles are controlled at all stages during production, including the selection of raw materials. During operation, it does not emit any harmful substances.
  • Careful design development. For this purpose, high-level specialists who know their business best are invited to the enterprise. The result is style and performance in every touch, expressive design and appeal that ensures high demand.

Availability is another quality that this bathroom tile has: Belarus supplies it at a very competitive price, which, given the high quality, is a very big advantage.

Manufacturers of Belarusian tiles

As mentioned above, the number of enterprises where ceramic tiles are produced in Belarus is small, but their production volumes satisfy all existing needs. They have long historical traditions and an excellent production base, which allows them to successfully cope with all assigned tasks.

Birch ceramics

This company was founded back in 1967, and since then has not changed its specialization - the main product was ceramic tiles, floor and wall. Of course, at the beginning of production activity the range of products was small, but modern capabilities have given the company a lot of scope for activity. The company produces tiles and borders, panels and mosaics, decors and flooring. The products are also distinguished by their richness of textures: patterned, smooth, matte - the most demanding consumer will be satisfied.

Among the collections presented on the company’s website, the following are especially interesting:

  • Azalea. Fresh tones, light lines, an original combination of romance and brightness create a spring mood in the bathroom and make you feel the smell of a blooming garden.

Tiles from the “Azalea” collection

  • Jazz. The bathroom, for the decoration of which these Belarusian bathroom tiles were used, attracts attention with its style and richness of rich colors. Tiles from the “Jazz” collection are distinguished by a combination of practicality and high decorativeness.

Tile from the Jazz collection

  • Seville. Intricate patterns, contrasting combinations and sophistication of lines are what distinguish the tiles of this collection. The buyer can choose one of two color options according to his taste.

Tiles from the Seville collection

The company’s range is not limited to this, and many buyers prefer products precisely due to the wealth of design options.


This enterprise is one of the largest in the CIS countries; Belarus has been producing products such as bathroom tiles for quite a long time and successfully; its product range also includes porcelain tiles. Some time ago, the enterprise underwent a large-scale modernization, which resulted in an expansion of the range of products, an increase in quality and the receipt of certificates for all products in 2000.

The following collections are especially worth noting:

  • The “Palazzo” is decorated in Italian Renaissance style. The texture is an imitation of natural marble, and quite believable - the picture contains naturalistic breaks, veins and inclusions. An interesting feature of the collection is the presence of decorative inserts even for the floor.

“Palazzo”, color “golden amber”

  • "Valencia". The collection has a noble color scheme: beige and brown colors predominate, and the decorative inserts are finished in gray. The decor itself is a monochrome ornate pattern in the Spanish style.

Noble and at the same time luxurious color scheme

[note] “Valencia” will be an excellent solution for those who want to decorate the bath in dark colors, but are afraid that the room will look too gloomy. The solution of Belarusian designers will give the interior the necessary nobility.[/note]

Since 2006, tiles began not only to be shown at international exhibitions, but also to regularly receive awards for this. The latest collections of ceramic tiles, developed by the company's designers, bear the names of cities around the world; they are distinguished by their expressive design and high decorative quality. The company is constantly improving the quality of its products, and is not going to stop at what has already been achieved.