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How to combine tiles in the bathroom

When renovating a bathroom, it is very important to choose the right finishing material. It must be moisture-resistant, durable and withstand temperature fluctuations. That is why decorating a bathroom with tiles is the most acceptable option from all points of view. On the one hand, the tile has the necessary characteristics. On the other hand, the variety of collections offered by manufacturers will allow you to decorate the room in your preferred style and color. You just need to decide which tile is best to purchase and how to lay it out. Our advice will definitely help you do this in the best possible way.

Harmonious design is the goal of any renovation

Wall decoration

What to consider

When choosing the perfect combination of tiles in the bathroom, you can go in two ways:

  1. Take advantage of the ready-made offer, since any of the proposed collections includes several tiles in shape and size that combine well with each other.
  2. Make an individual project a reality by varying the available colors and selecting tiles at your discretion.

In the latter case, it is necessary to take into account:

  • Room area.
  • The location of plumbing fixtures, furniture and their size.
  • Type and direction of lighting.
  • The size and color of the tile itself, as well as its features.

If the room area is small, preference should be given to light colors: white, blue, light green. Choosing dark-colored tiles will visually make the room appear smaller. If this is undesirable, then using mirrors in the interior can visually increase the area of ​​the room.

Example of small room design

[note]If your financial capabilities allow, you should pay attention to luxury tiles for the bathroom. Distinguished by its rather high cost, such finishing material can become a real decoration, while being distinguished by its excellent quality. [/note]

It is also worth paying close attention to the drawing. You should not buy large tiles with a large pattern for a small bathroom. It is better to give preference to a smaller one with a pattern and perspective.

Owners of a large bathroom have more opportunities to realize their desires. There are no special restrictions on combining tiles in the bathroom. If you want to make it as cozy as possible, you should choose dark colors. Most often, preference is given to a combination of purple and yellow, green and red, blue and orange, but other options are also possible.

Large bathroom

The stylistic design deserves special attention. Most people prefer the classic style. In this case, the walls in the bathroom are tiled with dark tiles on the bottom and light tiles on top. For decoration, tiles of a different size or color are used, most often with a pattern.

Spacious bathrooms are decorated in antique style. In this case, tiles in dark colors alternate with light tiles. In addition to the above options, other stylistic solutions are possible, for example, decor in an ethnic style. The choice of a specific one will depend on the preferences of the home owners.

Laying options

Sometimes it happens that choosing a tile is much easier than laying it later. Few people can immediately tell how to combine tiles in the bathroom to achieve the desired effect and make the room very cozy. The most common types of installation are:

  • Classical, i.e. horizontal. In this case, dark horizontal layers are replaced by light ones, and between them there is a special decor, made, as a rule, in similar colors. The advantage of this option is the simplicity of the work.
  • Vertical display is fashionable these days. Here, using dark tiles, vertical “columns” are laid out on the wall, with the help of which the area around the washbasin or bathtub is most often highlighted. Also, instead of languid tiles, decor can be used.

Vertical display

  • Tiles in the bathroom diagonally, expanding the available space. However, in this case, the consumption of material increases significantly and the installation process itself becomes more complicated.
  • Combined, combining several possible styling methods at the same time.

If you want to enliven the interior, you should consider having a panel that will imitate a painted picture. Special decorative inserts that have a texture different from the base will also help make the room wider.

The panel is usually placed in the center of the wall

[note]It is more difficult to notice dirt on matte tiles.[/note]

The presented ideas for the bathroom will help you decide which option is preferable for your home - the tiles here can be positioned absolutely arbitrarily. Based on the suggestions of experienced designers, you will be able to independently propose your own version of the tile layout, which will make the bathroom not only cozy, but also individual.

Floor finishing

Choosing floor tiles

If tiles are used to decorate the walls, then it is also worth purchasing the same finishing material for the floor. Most collections include not only wall tiles, but also floor tiles, presented not only in dark but also in light colors. Floor tiles are thicker than wall tiles and have a significantly larger margin of safety. When choosing, you should pay attention to the fact that the material you are interested in:

  • non-slip;
  • able to withstand temperature fluctuations;
  • the couple is not afraid.

If the manufacturer has taken care to comply with the above requirements, you can safely purchase the finishing material you like.

Floor tiles most often have a relief texture

How to lay tiles on the floor

Laying tiles on the floor can be done in different ways:

  • A simple, so to speak basic installation is possible, which will not attract undue attention to the floor covering.
  • You can lay the tiles in a checkerboard pattern to, on the contrary, focus attention on it.
  • The herringbone pattern imitates the laying of parquet looks interesting.

The choice of installation method will be determined by how the walls are finished and what result needs to be achieved.

Thus, anyone can decorate their bathroom beautifully. You just need to imagine exactly what should happen in the end, and the right combination of tiles in the bathroom will allow you to achieve the ideal result, especially since following the above recommendations, this will not be difficult to do.