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Bright bathroom interior with orange tiles

Orange bathroom tiles are a great opportunity to create a bright and unique interior. To make the room truly comfortable and cozy, you also need to carefully consider how the material you like will be laid, and also, if desired, choose tiles of a different color that will look beautiful with orange. How to do this, so as not to make mistakes, can be found in this article.

Bathroom in orange tones

Distinctive features of orange color

About the influence of orange on humans

The bathroom is a room where most people want to relax and unwind. By choosing a sunny color material for wall decoration, you can achieve the desired effect with minimal investment.

According to leading psychologists, orange promotes a happy and energetic mood and the manifestation of positivity. That is why a person in a room for which such a bright material has been chosen for decoration rarely experiences blues and stress. He is most often in a great mood.

[note]Orange shades include a fairly wide range: from soft peach to rich terracotta. [/note]

What does orange tile go with?

Orange tiles for the bathroom are extremely rarely used in monochrome, as in this case an oversaturated atmosphere is obtained, which leads to the opposite effect. That is why the excessive brightness of the material is diluted with other tones. Most often, tiles are purchased for orange-colored materials:

  • green;
  • white;
  • gray;
  • blue;
  • brown;
  • black.

Orange with green

The combination of orange tiles with tiles of cream, peach and similar shades also looks beneficial.

[note] It is advisable to allocate no more than half of the entire area for the orange component of the interior. This will avoid unnecessary aggression in the interior.[/note]

The resulting effect will largely depend on the combination chosen:

  • by complementing orange with blue or green, you can count on a great mood and good spirits every day;
  • orange and white will create a classic interior;
  • a combination of a bright shade and a muted undertone will make the room very delicate;
  • By adding black or steel to orange, you can decorate a room in a high-tech style.

Combined with white

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What to remember

In everything, and especially when decorating a small bathroom, you need to know when to stop. If its quantity is excessive, you will get a oppressive atmosphere, which will be very uncomfortable to be in. That is why, when choosing orange tones to decorate your own bathroom, it is important not to overdo it.

Careful use of orange

To make the mood truly sunny, when decorating a small room you should pay attention to details. By focusing on various accessories, you can turn a beautiful interior solution into reality, giving the room individuality and originality. Such details could be:

  • shower curtain;
  • lampshade;
  • beautiful soap dishes and cups for brushes;
  • heated towel rail;
  • shelves.

You can also vary the color of the plumbing fixtures and faucets. Many stores offer to purchase similar products of any desired shade to order.

Attention to accessories

Owners of a spacious room with windows should not worry about this. Even a monochrome option is possible here. However, it is still preferable, even in this case, to simply place the necessary accents using a bright, saturated shade.

Laying option

The method of laying tiles can have a significant impact on the final result. Various solutions are possible for orange tiles:

  • A horizontal option that allows you to visually expand the available space, which is especially important for small bathrooms. By adding orange stripes on a light background, you can achieve a truly stunning effect.
  • Vertical installation, in which the ceiling becomes slightly higher. By providing bright stripes, you can focus attention on them. As a result, everyone entering the room will follow their gaze, and therefore the ceiling will look much higher than it actually is.
  • The combined option is an ideal solution for a small bathroom. By providing bright stripes in both directions, you can visually increase the existing volume.

Vertical option

Orange collections from famous manufacturers

Juicy orange color often becomes the star of professional tile collections. Therefore, if orange is your choice, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following design solutions from professionals:

  • Tweed Orange from Azori. The tiles are available in two colors, orange and soft beige, and are ideal for decor with geometric motifs. The finish of the tiles is reminiscent of English tweed, which gives it a special coziness, and the “Rainbow” border will help add a light touch of mischief.

Cozy home bathroom interior

  • City 3 from Kerabud. The rich orange of this collection can bring warmth to any bathroom. The color of the tiles is not uniform, but with small stripes, which makes it even more cheerful. The “Flora” inserts and borders in the form of multi-colored flying dandelions deserve special attention. They can be used to cover vertical areas, niches or frame mirrors.

Playful orange dandelions from Kerabud

  • Watercolors from Keramabud will appeal to those who are afraid to use too bright colors in the bathroom. Orange is not too bright and at the same time quite “warm”, while it is diluted with soft beige and light purple. Overall, this combination is a bit like a watercolor painting. The tile has a glossy surface and a floral design in the form of lilies.

Delicate orange lilies “Watercolor”

Thus, if you already have orange tiles for your bathroom, you can definitely create a bright and unusual interior. In such a room, stressful situations will be forgotten and general well-being will be restored faster. Well, now you know how to achieve this effect. You can safely begin to translate your idea into reality.