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Polish bathroom tiles: popular manufacturers

Among all finishing materials, tile is particularly popular. There are many companies that offer a wide range of this finishing material for floors and walls, but one of the most popular in the world is Polish bathroom tiles.

Polish tiles are distinguished by sophistication and simplicity

Production of Polish tiles and their properties

Among the properties that Polish tiles have, the most important ones should be highlighted:

  • hygiene;
  • moisture resistance;
  • hardness;
  • fire resistance;
  • resistance to chemical compounds.

Moreover, the material has a relatively low cost. Thanks to the large selection, you can purchase the tiles that will best match your bathroom furniture.

Polish tiles are produced only from high-quality ingredients. Poland bathroom tiles are made from clay mined in the country.

[note]It is of high quality thanks to the use of additional materials that are delivered from Europe. Therefore, its characteristics as a result are not at all inferior to Spanish or Italian tiles. [/note]

Polish tiles are suitable for both spacious and small bathrooms

The manufacturing process is carried out using the most modern technologies. This became possible thanks to the constant modernization of equipment at factories. Therefore, the buyer has the opportunity to choose bathroom tiles of any color and texture of the highest quality.

Polish tile manufacturers

There are various companies in Poland that produce tiles. Among the leaders are such companies as Cersanit, Polcolorit and Paradyz. Each of these manufacturers not only produces universal tiles, but also offers a unique product made using special technology.


One of the most famous tile manufacturers throughout Europe, as well as in the domestic market, is the Cersanit company. The company produces a product of the highest quality that will last for many years. This applies to any tile, including the bathroom.

Cersanit - original tiles

The company includes several factories, some located not only in Poland, but also abroad. Moreover, one of them entered the top 10 largest factories in the world in terms of the quantity of product produced.

[note]The tiles produced vary in color, texture, pattern, and also have different sizes. [/note]

Cersanit is famous for several collections. For example, the Synthia series is released in different colors, among which the following are especially often used:

  • white,
  • orange,
  • light green color.

Thus, this collection is suitable for lovers of bright colors. But for lovers of the classic style, Electa is suitable, the shades of which are more soothing.


At the very beginning of its existence, the Polcolorit company was engaged in the production of tiles to order from another manufacturer - Opoczno, but already in the 90s it became an independent company. Due to the fact that the company is owned by an Italian family, the tiles produced have a special, sophisticated style. The Polish bathroom tiles of this brand stand out especially.

[note]If you wish, you can order the production of a separate series to suit your taste. [/note]

Polcolorit series for the bathroom – exquisite design

Polcolorit produces a product like no other. Among the assortment you can even find tiles designed to resemble the Middle Ages. Such items are decorated with jewels and also have borders, both horizontal and vertical. For lovers of romance, the Tango collection will suit you - these bright red tiles are ideal for the bathroom.


This tile manufacturer is as popular as the previous two. If you need Polish tiles for your bathroom, it is recommended to choose this company. Five factories are engaged in the production of facing materials. It will probably be difficult for many people to choose a specific tile at first, since the company offers many different collections.

Original color solutions in Paradyz tiles

The lightest series of tiles is the Almatea collection. In this case, special attention is paid to the pattern. The drawing was made using a unique technology, which gives the impression that the lines are moving. Fans of unobtrusive style are advised to take a closer look at the Querida series. These ceramic tiles are decorated with light patterns in lilac tones.

Selection of Polish products

Each manufacturer produces more than 100 collections. However, when choosing tiles, you need to remember that the chosen color or shade must be combined with the overall interior.

[note]If the bathroom is small, it is recommended to buy light-colored tiles. This way the room will not seem so small. [/note]

Some companies are taking bold steps. Designers create not only traditional tiles, but also avant-garde concepts. Among the latest innovations, tiles with strongly protruding borders should be highlighted. Wall mosaics are also becoming increasingly popular.