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Spain tiles for the bathroom are one of the best finishing materials

Along with Italian and Chinese, Spain bathroom tiles are one of the most popular for finishing rooms. Manufacturers are able to provide unique performance characteristics through the use of local clay, subjected to a special firing technology. Durability, practicality and high strength have made Spanish tiles a standard of quality, which allows them to be used to improve and transform the interior of bathrooms and other rooms.

Spanish tiles will transform your bathroom

Subtleties of choice

Today there are a large number of different types of tiles on the construction market. This makes the question of the correct choice of material for certain types of work acute. Moreover, depending on the surface, tiles with different characteristics are used even in the same room.

For many years, ceramic bathroom tiles in Spain have been one of the main types of finishing materials. The reason here lies not only in the attractive appearance. The advantages of the material include:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • strength;
  • endurance;
  • practicality;
  • ease of installation;
  • low thermal conductivity.

However, different types of material may have different characteristics. There are wall and floor tiles for the bathroom. The wall-mounted one is more aesthetically attractive, while the floor-mounted one has greater wear resistance and practicality.

Spanish bathroom tiles - luxury in your home

When choosing a finishing material, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the characteristics indicated on the packaging. You can also consult with a specialist who will help you choose the right tile for a certain type of work, taking into account other factors.

What to look for?

When considering different collections of bathroom tiles, it is important to pay attention to the degree of absorption. Considering the high air humidity typical of the room, the wrong choice can negatively affect durability. In addition, it may become cloudy and lose its attractiveness. Some divide the choice into stages, each of which involves consideration of a specific characteristic.

  1. Porosity is directly proportional to absorbency. Denser material has better characteristics and higher cost.

[note] However, tiles with a low-porosity base are only necessary for laying on the floor. For wall tiles, this parameter is practically unimportant. [/note]

  1. Bathroom tiles in Spain must have a face that is resistant to detergents.
  2. For quality installation, it is important that the tiles are level.
  3. If there is a pattern, it should be clear and uniform. This is achieved with the help of modern technologies and equipment.

If you take into account all these characteristics and make all the calculations correctly, the home owner will be able to provide an optimal estimate for bathroom renovations. High-quality tiles with the best characteristics will have an appropriate price.

Wood-effect tiles are gaining popularity

Famous manufacturers of Spanish tiles

The market for Spanish tiles is extremely large. We will list only the most well-known manufacturers:

  1. Absolut Keramika - the products of this brand are distinguished by an abundance of decorative elements. In addition to tiles for interior decoration, the company also produces porcelain stoneware products for exterior cladding; due to this, the entire range is endowed with significant strength characteristics.
  2. Aparici is a manufacturer known since 1961 and has become popular all over the world. Nowadays, all factories are equipped with the latest equipment, and only natural raw materials are used in production.
  3. APE Ceramica - belongs to the class of elite ceramics; all products have a “noble” design, giving the room incredible comfort. The most famous collections:
    • Lord and Dandy - made in the classic English style, the decor contains “royal” notes.
    • DEJA VU - floral ornaments.
    • Home - tiles with a semi-matte surface.
    • Rich - glossy surface.
    • Siroco - Greek style.

The most popular APE Ceramica collections

  1. Cobsa - the design of products from this manufacturer is extremely diverse; the collections contain strict classics, antique decor, and modern motifs.
  2. Maritima Ceramics is suitable for lovers of original design. Each collection is equipped with a large number of decorative and border elements, which will allow you to create a unique interior for your bathroom.
  3. MonicaCeramica – products of medium and expensive price categories. In addition to pastel collections, decors with contrasting color schemes are also available to consumers.

Variety of MonicaCeramica collections: pastel and expressive options

  1. Saloni ceramica is a manufacturer known for its “natural” tile designs. Products imitate the texture of natural stone, wood, and sometimes fabrics. The color palette is represented mainly by light shades of green, gray, beige and terracotta, as well as “coffee” shades.
  2. Venatto porcelain stoneware can be easily distinguished from other products by the delicate pastel shades of the tiles, as well as signature marble patterns. Thanks to this decor, the material resembles natural stone.

It is also worth paying attention to such manufacturers as VENIS, BALDOCER, PERONDA and many others.

The main qualities of Spanish tiles

Production quality

Most often, people purchase glazed Spanish bathroom tiles for renovation work. To produce this material, single or double firing can be used. In the first case, glaze is applied to the clay base, after which the workpiece enters the oven. This process includes several cycles, each lasting 45 minutes.

[note]Single firing technology is simple and inexpensive, and also allows you to automate most production processes. [/note]

The durability and aesthetic appeal of the tiles are due to careful adherence to production technology

Double firing involves 40 hours of processing the clay mold in a similar scenario, after which a glaze is applied to the surface. Then the product goes back into the kiln, where it is fired for 20 hours. This approach allows you to reduce the porosity of the tile and increase its strength. As a result, Spanish ceramic bathroom tiles are durable, strong and wear-resistant.

Features and Benefits

First of all, the high popularity of Spanish finishing material is determined by the characteristics that distinguish it from competitors' products. This is largely ensured by high-quality materials, modern technologies and extensive experience in this field.

[note]Strict quality control allows us to obtain finished products with a unique appearance, improved performance characteristics, consistent dimensions and almost complete absence of defects. [/note]

Simplicity and luxury in one

Wall and floor tiles from Spain are the key to original design, which in most cases is the decisive factor in choice. Each collection is developed based on current trends in construction fashion. This allows consumers to create works of art in their homes that rival the luxury of luxury products. The high quality of the tiles is confirmed by some facts:

  • exporting products to more than 180 countries;
  • more than half of the products are exported outside of Spain;
  • Spanish factories produce about 15% of the world's volume of tiles.

This suggests that bathroom tiles from Spain are in great demand among consumers all over the world. Many choose it for its characteristics, others for its radical design solutions, but in the end every customer is satisfied.

Mosaic tiles - a modern trend

At the same time, you must always remember that creating a beautiful and high-quality bathroom is only possible with the correct choice of material, accurate calculations and installation in accordance with the requirements of the technology. Violation of at least one of the points will lead to a significant decrease in the aesthetics of the interior or the operational characteristics of the room. In this case, even the high quality of Spanish ceramic tiles will not be able to prevent possible troubles.