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“Marine” tiles in the bathroom – uniqueness and freshness of the interior

Marine-themed tiles for the bathroom remain one of the most popular motifs for decorating this space. The atmosphere of proximity to a real sea, pebble or sandy beach increases the pleasure of water procedures. We want to bring to your attention the most popular design solutions in this style.

Marine style elements from Golden Tile

Characteristics of nautical style

Features of tile decoration

Modern technologies make it possible to create materials for bathroom cladding of any size and texture. The most typical drawings for marine themes:

  • Fish.
  • Ships.
  • Shells, pebbles.
  • Sea, foam, splashes, waves.

There are also collections of tiles with floral patterns, but including individual marine elements - images of starfish, a horse, and turtles.

Most used shades

As a rule, bathroom tiles convey the sea using turquoise, blue, and deep blue shades, which are associated with coolness and freshness. To add solemnity and contrast to compositions, white is usually used as a second base color. Due to this, it is possible to visually increase the space of small bathrooms.

The traditional white and blue color scheme for a nautical theme is optional. An exquisite bathroom design can be created by decorating pictures of the sea with base tiles of any color or by choosing a harmonious decor.

Popular marine tile collections for bathrooms

The most popular at the moment are:

  • Bathroom tiles “Lagoon” made in gray-blue tones can include products with images of turtles, fish, mermaids, algae, and waves. A panel with a sunken ship looks interesting in the bathroom interior. The dolphin tiles in the bathroom are the most popular in this collection. It includes wall and floor tiles, borders, and other decorative elements.

Laguna tiles in the bathroom interior

  • Tiles from collections such as “Summer Stone” have a light beige tint and imitate the texture of sea sand or limestone. It often contains images of shells, mollusks, and starfish. Bathroom tiles with shells usually contain, in addition to sand shades, splashes of red and blue in their color scheme. Products containing images of shells with pearls and starfish look harmonious in decorating a bathroom in an antique style.
  • Pebble tiles for the bathroom can be floor or wall. The second, as a rule, is used for cladding individual fragments of surfaces. The color range of such products varies from cool gray tones to soft beige.

Pebble tiles in the interior

  • The “Breeze” bathroom tiles, which have a beige, but quite rich, shade, look interesting in the interior. The texture of the products imitates light marble or natural stone, which harmoniously fits into a classic luxurious interior. The collection's products, decorated with fairly large images of seashells with fancy colors and shapes, are suitable for finishing large surfaces in spacious rooms.
  • Collections such as “Aquarium”, which include bathroom tiles with fish, are also popular. Typically, lining products convey the texture of clear, clean water. Often frolicking dolphins are depicted in the foreground, and in the background there are many air bubbles, jellyfish, nimble fish, and huge stingrays. The use of such tiles in the design of a room allows you to visually increase its size. In addition, kids really like the drawings of all these sea creatures.

    Tile with fish

Criteria for selecting tiles for a bathroom

The cost and range of tiles today are very diverse, which allows you to choose them for any interior, taking into account the individual taste preferences of the customer.

When choosing a cladding material, experts recommend following the following sequence of actions:

  1. Assess the dimensions of the room, prepare the floor and wall surfaces for laying tiles.
  2. Choose a tile based on basic requirements:
    • moisture resistance;
    • resistance to household detergents;
    • abrasion resistance;
    • for floor tiles - sufficient roughness to provide the necessary protection for people against slipping.
  1. Choose the cladding in accordance with your own ideas about design and taste preferences.

Marine style can be like this

[note]Manufacturers today produce tile collections with various elements already selected harmoniously with each other in color and decor. There are also collections, the individual components of which can be combined with each other. [/note]

  1. Calculate the areas of surfaces to be covered, taking into account the reserve for possible damage or in case of emergency repairs. If there are columns, niches or other architectural elements in the room, approximately another 15% is added to the resulting area of ​​material.

The cost of the tile is also important, but its average value is affordable for most consumers.

Design ideas for decorating a bathroom

Since modern production technologies provide bathroom tiles with all the required operating characteristics, to realize their design plans, experts recommend:

  1. Objectively assess the dimensions of the room:
    • For a small room, you should pay attention to cladding in light shades, which will not burden it with contrasting accents and will visually enlarge the space;
    • Experiments with bright or dark colors and an abundance of decorative elements are appropriate in a spacious bathroom.

Contrasting bathroom design using dark tiles

  1. Traditional colors for the bathroom are white, blue with turquoise, brown and green. If you want to use non-standard shades in the decoration (black, gray, pink, orange, red), they can be used, softened by decor, plumbing, and other interior elements. For example, black tiles can be complemented with textiles and furniture in white, beige, blue, cream, and pink.
  2. The method of laying tiles allows you to visually adjust the space. Basic installation methods:
    • basic (in even rows horizontally and vertically);
    • horizontal rows “in a run”;
    • at an angle or diagonally.
  1. The use of original decor and combination of various elements of the collection allows you to create a unique image of the interior. But it is recommended to avoid complex installation combinations, since some combinations can visually “bend” the space.

A good option for combining different tiles and their laying methods

[note]Designers do not recommend combining staggered alternation and staggered laying of tiles - the effect will be negative. To visually adjust the proportions of the room, it is enough to use, respectively, vertical or horizontal laying of rectangular tiles. [/note]

  1. The choice of decor and tile patterns is important - they must match the tastes of family members. The variety of decorative cladding materials is enormous, but bathroom tiles with dolphins are the most popular and versatile.

To satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers, manufacturers often develop their tile collections together with renowned designers. Naturally, the cost of such cladding is quite high, but such a design can turn a bathroom into the highlight of the entire interior of the house. When choosing tiles, the main points always remain the features of the room, the thoughtfulness of its design and personal preferences.