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Bathroom design with red tiles

The classic design of the bathroom is a light, dim palette. But why not go beyond the ordinary and create your own unique environment, and red tiles in the bathroom will help us with this. And our article will tell you all about the bold design experiments with red colors, which have already won their “place in the sun” in the modern world.

Red bathroom

Possible combinations of red

Red and white color scheme

It was the tandem of white and red that became the most successful; a bathroom in this style looks surprisingly attractive. White and red tiles in the bathroom are chosen by young couples, people of creative professions who are not afraid to decorate their lives with bright colors.

And now about the subtleties of design. If we talk about the proportions of both shades, then everything depends only on your own imagination. Designers skillfully dilute the main range with additional colors. This is a fairly wide range, including shades of gray, coffee color and even gold and silver.

There are several options for creating a red and white bathroom interior:

  1. In the first case, the leading color will be red. Plumbing fixtures, accessories, including lamps, as well as furniture must be pure white without any additional shades. This is the most common design technique and is especially popular. Such a bathroom, the red tiles of which are perfectly offset by white, looks stylish and tasty.

Red and White

  1. The second option is the opposite of the one discussed earlier. Here the snow-white interior is diluted with red furniture and the same accessories. This is an equally stylish designer find that adorns the design of many bathrooms. This range will make the room more comfortable, adding elegant romance to it.

To make red really look harmonious, it is recommended to use the following methods:

  • red ceramics arranged in horizontal or vertical stripes;
  • one of the bathroom walls is completely tiled in red;
  • accentuating the mirror with a red border laid out around it.

Red tiles introduced in this way for the bathroom will look appropriate, adding bright highlights to the bathroom.

Red color in the form of stripes will make the interior moderately bright

  1. Use of red plumbing fixtures in the interior. Quite an extravagant option, but nevertheless encountered. Of course, not as often as the first two. Buying a red acrylic bathtub will not be a problem, but a toilet and sink is a more difficult task, which, if desired, is quite doable. True, the cost of such items will be slightly higher than the white classics. But the bathroom will be simply gorgeous.

If red plumbing fixtures are not on sale, this option is possible

Red-black color scheme

Black color will add solid elegance to the interior. In a large bathroom, the combination of black and red will look more advantageous. Additionally, you can enter another shade. The most suitable color would be white or gray. This move will balance the bright red and black tones, slightly diluting the brutality of the latter.

[note]It is worth remembering that such a bathroom design will require additional lighting, which can be easily done with the help of several lamps. This will also add light and overall volume to the bathroom. Lamps must fit harmoniously into the overall color scheme.[/note]

Red and black bathroom interior

We create our own bathroom design project

To get a truly stylish and functional bathroom, you need to develop a design project. Let's look at the main points of its creation:

  1. Measurements. Here you will need to carefully measure the entire bathroom space and transfer the numbers to a schematic plan.
  2. Selection of finishing materials. At this stage, you must decide on the style of the room and, based on this, make a list of the necessary finishing materials, as well as calculate the required quantity .
  3. Drawing up a work plan. If you plan to carry out repair work yourself, then you simply need a clearly outlined step-by-step plan, namely: what work is carried out first, when you can start finishing work, etc.
  4. Full estimate of work. At this stage, it is necessary to calculate all costs.

In principle, the work of drawing up a design project is not difficult, but it will require precision from you.

Most Popular Styles

The most popular destinations among fans of red are:

  1. Chinese style. Chinese bathroom styling involves the use of warm colors, but red will be the dominant color. Other bright shades can be used as additional ones. In general, Chinese style implies simplicity and naturalness. A special role is given to traditional accessories from the Celestial Empire, which will emphasize that the bathroom belongs to this country.

Red color and Chinese style

  1. Classic. In a classic style, red bathroom tiles will look great as an accent, as classic implies understated elegance. The style is also characterized by a specific setting, where the furniture is made exclusively of wood. Copper accessories and a bathtub with curved legs add special chic.

Classic style - special chic

Tips from the professionals

Here are tips from designers that will help you create a harmonious bathroom interior in red tones.

  • If red is chosen as the leading color, then the secondary colors should not be too flashy. Otherwise, there will be a contrast conflict.
  • Red color is an excellent solution for a large bathroom. Here he will not “pressure” and will create a cheerful atmosphere. But for a small room it is best to use red accents. For example, burgundy bathroom tiles in the form of a mirror edging will be a good accent among classic light shades.

[note]Red gloss will be good as accents, but too much glare will only spoil the overall impression.[/note]

Burgundy is an excellent variation of red in the interior

The bathroom is probably the most intimate corner of the apartment. That is why the interior of the room should create a comfortable environment for you, which is why it is so important to choose the right combination of colors. We hope that our material will help you create your own unique bathroom.