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Bathroom design with white tiles

For many decades, designers have been using white tiles for the bathroom. Despite the fact that many draw an analogy between a white bathroom and a hospital ward and believe that a white bathroom can be repulsive with its coldness, most owners of city apartments and country cottages give their preference to this particular color tone.

When decorating such a room, designers try to try different color combinations. They are quite successful at playing with light, highlighting certain places in the room and placing the necessary accents. The right choice of plumbing equipment and decorative elements will turn a cold room into a very warm and cozy room, in which all household members will take water treatments with great pleasure.

Bathroom tiled with white ceramic tiles

Advantages of a bathroom designed in white colors

Many designers choose white ceramic tiles to embody their ideas and fantasies, explaining their decision by the ability of this tonality to visually expand the space. Using white tiles on walls, even the smallest bathroom can be presented in a more advantageous light.

Modern white bathroom tiles have many advantages, due to which there is huge consumer demand for them:

  1. visually expands the room;
  2. makes the bathroom brighter;
  3. makes the room stylish, modern and elegant.

The advantages of white ceramic tiles include their unique ability to harmoniously combine with other color shades. Many designers prefer to work with white tiles, since only with them can they achieve harmony and transformation of any room. Such a bathroom can be easily transformed by adding bright notes and original accessories.

Combined white tiles with bright decorative elements

[note]When choosing white ceramic tiles, you should give preference to tiles that have a glossy finish. In this case, rays of light will sparkle on the lined surface, making the room warmer and more comfortable.[/note]

Classic combinations

Combination of white and black ceramic tiles

If the owner of the premises is not too loyal to white ceramic tiles, he can try to bring to life a fairly successful design solution. With its help, any bathroom will be completely transformed: black and white tiles will visually expand the space and make the room more stylish and original. Facing with combined tiles can be done in various ways.

  1. White walls combined with black floor. With this design, the bathroom will take on a strict outline. In this case, the floor area will be successfully shaded with black ceramic tiles. In most cases, plumbing equipment in white colors is installed in such premises.

The walls are tiled with white tiles, and the floor area is tiled with black

  1. White walls with a single splash of black ceramic tiles. In this case, the walls and floor area are covered with white ceramic tiles, among which black tiles are either in the form of single inclusions or symmetrically located. The main advantage that such a bathroom has is the black and white tiles, which turn an unremarkable bathroom into an extravagant room.

Checkerboard layout of black and white tiles

  1. Black and white walls separated by a decorative frieze. This type of design today can be found quite often in the bathrooms of both city apartments and country cottages. Moreover, the height of the black lower zone can be either minimal or quite high. Such a bathroom will look elegant, and if successfully complemented with various decorative elements, it will arouse admiration among others.

The frieze will effectively emphasize the transition from black to white

Red and white color scheme

Despite the fact that white bathroom tiles in themselves are already a fairly successful design solution, experts also use other techniques to decorate this type of room. Bright plumbing equipment can add color, as well as decorative elements, which will include not only the accessories necessary for taking water procedures, but also paintings, ikebana, candles, vases, etc.

Red and white bathroom tiles will look original and will help invigorate your household every morning. This color combination is ideal for a bathroom located in an apartment or a country house with a modern interior. Various decorative elements, which are often used in bathrooms, can be made in red colors.

Bathroom done in red and white

How to make a bathroom with white tiles warmer

If the owner of a living space needs a very bright and at the same time bathroom, white tiles will be the only right solution, because they are the ideal backdrop for introducing bright colors. Modern designers prefer to combine white ceramic tiles with tiles of the following colors:

  • red;
  • black;
  • orange;
  • green;
  • yellow;
  • blue.

Combination of white tiles with tiles of other colors

In most cases, white or black and white bathroom tiles create a feeling of cold, but if you take the advice of modern designers, you can avoid this problem. When choosing ceramic tiles you must:

    1. give preference to ceramic tiles that have an original texture and texture;
    2. try to make bright splashes on white tiles (this can be done using a decorative frieze or tile);
    3. choose shades close to white, for example, complement it with beige;
    4. use accents in the bathroom with bright decorative elements.

Many modern designers recommend adding more light to such rooms: ceiling lamps, wall sconces, etc. Interior lighting in a bathroom can have different color shades, which will help white ceramic tiles acquire a new tone. A successful addition to the created interior will be mirrors that will help visually expand the space.