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Bathroom tiling: choice of design and installation

The best option for finishing rooms with high humidity is ceramic tiles. Tiling your bathroom will allow you to bring any design idea to life. Indeed, today on the markets it is presented in various sizes and colors, with and without ornaments to recreate unique compositions.

Example of a tiled bathroom

Bathroom tiles

Which color should I choose?

Of course, the answer to this question varies from person to person. It all depends on your taste preferences. However, do not forget that the bathroom is a room that does not have natural daylight. After all, as a rule, there are no windows in it, and if there are any, they are very small and, as a rule, only one.

Therefore, bathroom tiles should be light and not very bright. Since the room is enclosed, motley and bright colors will exert strong psychological pressure on a person. But this does not mean at all that it should be exclusively white. No. You can play with colors by putting together a composition of light and dark tones. For example, the walls are light and the floor is dark.

[note]Remember, if the bathroom is small, light colors of the tiles will help to visually enlarge it. If the ceilings are very high, you need to use darker tones. A vertical pattern on the tile will visually “raise” the ceiling. [/note]

As a rule, most people decorate their bathrooms with tiles of light colors and without patterns. This is their mistake. The room becomes faded and boring. But the use of tiles with ornaments and various landscapes in enclosed spaces will give a zest to the design and an appropriate atmosphere.

An example of a combination of tiles and mosaics

[note]It is necessary to purchase tiles in full immediately, since in the event of a shortage of material or its damage, finding tiles of a suitable color and tone will be problematic. [/note]

Which style should you choose?

Of course, you can simply lay out tiles of the same color on the walls and floor of the bathroom. All this will be done well and nothing will fall off for a long time. However, such a bathtub, tiled in the same tone, will soon tire of its owners and want an update.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to use different colors and various methods of laying tiles, breaking all stereotypes to smithereens. You can combine large tiles and mosaics in different colors.

Today there are many styles of bathroom design. These are oriental, bionic, and exotic styles. But for decades now, the classic style of bathtub design has become more popular. Which one to choose is up to you.

Instructions for installing tiles in the bathroom

Where to start?

When tiling a bathroom with ceramic tiles, it should begin with the immediate cleaning of the surfaces of the walls and floor of the room. That is, it is necessary to remove the old finishing material, level the walls if necessary, as this will simplify laying the tiles in the future, and walk over them with a special liquid primer (this will improve the adhesion of the material to the surface).

[note]Before work, the surfaces of the walls and floors must be clean, smooth and dry. The final result and service life of the material depend on this. [/note]

You need to prepare all the necessary tools:

  • two spatulas - one toothed, the other rubber;
  • tile cutter or glass cutter;
  • building level;
  • hammer with rubber butt;
  • wooden slats and special tile crosses.

You will also need glue and a container for diluting it, as well as grout.

Laying tiles

How to lay tiles in the bathroom?

Do-it-yourself tiling of a bathtub begins with deciding where the tiling will begin - from the floor or the wall.

[note]It is best to start tiling from the floor, as it will provide a flat base for starting to lay tiles on the walls, which will greatly facilitate the further process of finishing the bathroom. Laying the tiles should begin from the far corner relative to the entrance to the bath. [/note]

So, here are the installation instructions:

  • Initially you need to dilute the glue in the prepared container in accordance with the attached instructions;
  • a small layer of glue is applied to the back side of the tile or surface using a notched trowel;
  • the tile is applied to the surface, leveled and settled with light blows of a hammer;
  • then take the next tile and lay it using the same method;
  • Tile crosses are inserted into the seams between the tiles so that their width is the same;
  • if the tile closing the row does not fit in width, it must be cut with a glass cutter or tile cutter;
  • after installation, the tile should stick well to the surface, for this it must be left for 24 hours;
  • then the tile crosses are removed from the seams;
  • The seams are rubbed with grout using a rubber spatula.

The process of laying tiles on the floor

Bathroom tiles are the ideal solution for choosing a building material that will allow you not only to decorate it according to all fashion trends, but will also last for many years!