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Acrylic bathtubs: manufacturers and their products

The world of plumbing manufacturers is not frozen in place: everything flows, everything changes. So massive cast iron products are being replaced everywhere with acrylic bathtubs - in order to retain their place in this market segment, manufacturers are forced to compete with each other and reduce prices for their products. More recently, it was available only to a select circle of people, but today many buyers with average income can afford to buy acrylic bathtubs.

On the one hand, the variety of offers and affordable prices of these products make it possible to fully satisfy the wishes of consumers, but on the other hand, the problem of choice arises. How to find an acrylic bathtub that will fully meet your expectations? Which criteria should be taken into account and which should not be paid attention to? How do you know when studying branded acrylic bathtubs that the best manufacturers, selected based on survey results, actually produce the highest quality and most functional products?

Acrylic bathtub - perfect replacement for bulky cast iron

To answer these questions, it is necessary to compare the products of enterprises of approximately the same price category, paying attention to many factors.

Features of choosing an acrylic bathtub

Having decided to purchase an acrylic bathtub, the buyer usually wants it to not only fit perfectly into the interior of the bathroom and delight with various types of massage, but also to last as long as possible. In addition, the cost of the upcoming purchase is also important, and even more important is the ratio of its price and quality. For example, according to reviews, the products of the Russian manufacturer Radomir do not always combine these parameters.

Therefore, when choosing an acrylic bathtub, you should take into account not only its design and technical equipment, but also other criteria.

The most important of them are the name of the manufacturer and the cost of the product. There are many products on the market at low prices. In this case it is possible:

  • goods from little-known companies are sold, and then it is quite possible to purchase a bathtub of average quality, such as Triton;
  • Handicraft products are sold that will last no more than a year.

Is it worth the risk or are manufacturers of acrylic bathtubs, whose rating has been achieved for years due to the improved consumer properties of their products, better? Everyone decides this issue independently. You just need to take into account the fact that sometimes you have to overpay not for additional product improvements, but for a well-known brand, so you need to pay attention to other characteristics of acrylic bathtubs.

Criteria for choosing acrylic bathtubs

  • Type of acrylic. Baths are made from cast or extruded material, which are similar in chemical composition, but differ in technical parameters.

[note]It is not worth buying a bathtub made of extruded acrylic, since the price savings will result in the cost of purchasing a new product: over time, it may crack.[/note]

  • Acrylic coating thickness. The larger this value, the stronger and more durable the bathtub will be. The most durable products are those whose acrylic coating thickness cannot be less than 5-6 mm. But more often there are bathtubs on sale, where the acrylic layer is from 2 to 4 mm, and they can be both Russian and foreign.

Acrylic bathtub design

  • Quality and color of acrylic sheet. The high-class material has a snow-white color and a perfectly flat and smooth surface with a glossy shine.
  • Number of layers. A high-quality bathtub usually consists of two layers: acrylic and polyurethane.
  • Strength. It's easy to check - just press on the bottom with your hand. High-quality products do not bend under the influence of a directed force load. For example, bathtubs from the Russian company Bas can easily withstand significant loads.
  • Transparency of the acrylic layer. The structure of the material is not transparent, so when examined in the light it should not show through, otherwise it is most likely a fake.
  • External covering. To reduce thermal conductivity, high-quality products are coated on the outside with polyurethane, which has a smooth, dark-colored surface.
    Some manufacturers, in order to save money, treat acrylic bathtubs with a mixture of ether resins and fiberglass.

[note]If the bathtub emits a sharp and unpleasant odor and has a rough surface to the touch, then it is not worth purchasing, no matter how favorable the price. Over time, the smell will only intensify, and the thermal conductivity of the product will be very high and the water will begin to cool quickly.[/note]

The design features of the bath are also of great importance. These include:

  • Type of frame. It is presented in the form of a frame, which is made individually for each bathtub and has adjustable legs, and at its corners there are supports for each of them. To protect the metal from corrosion, the frame is coated with a special compound. In the case where the frame is installed under the sides of the bathtub, most likely, a low-quality product is being offered.

Features of the design of the frame of an acrylic bathtub

  • Number of additional functions. Sometimes, with the presence of various options, manufacturers try to distract the buyer from the main thing: the quality of the product itself. But if the manufacturer specializes in products with additional functions, then you can be confident in the quality of the product. An example is the Kolpa company, which pays great attention to the development of hydromassage, which as a result has become one of the advantages of the products of this company.
  • Bathroom shape. The more complex and unusual the configuration of an acrylic bowl, the more likely it is that it is made of a thin sheet of polymer.
  • Drain and overflow systems. Manufacturers who value their reputation do not skimp on drainage mechanisms, and equipping their products with brass siphons with a semi-automatic opening and closing system is a common occurrence.

[note] A high-quality and technically sophisticated drain and overflow system is a guarantee of purchasing an original model from the manufacturer, and not a fake. [/note]

How to choose the optimal size acrylic bathtub?

If a bathtub is purchased for a large family, then it is necessary to take into account all the wishes of the household. How to choose the best option? You should be guided by the largest and tallest representative of the family clan, but you should not forget about the rest. Someone may need to equip an acrylic bathtub with comfortable handles or a shower. Having come to a compromise, you can find a product whose characteristics will satisfy all household members.

Comparative analysis of acrylic bathtub manufacturing companies

Before deciding which manufacturer of acrylic bathtubs is better, it is necessary to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each manufacturer.


The products of the Czech company Ravak have gained popularity in European countries due to their high quality, which is achieved by using acrylic sheets 5-6 mm thick for the manufacture of bathtubs. The backing of the products is made of special fiberglass, providing the necessary strength and rigidity. The bathtubs of this company are distinguished by their ergonomic shape and ability to withstand significant loads.

Disadvantages include limitations on the accessories available on some models.

One of the Ravak bathtub models


The main advantage that distinguishes the products of the company “Cersanit” from Poland is an affordable price and an ideal match between quality and cost. Bathtubs from this company combine accessibility and comfort during use, due to their good capacity and ergonomic shape. Product certification and guarantees provided for 7 years only contribute to the growing popularity of the Polish company’s products.

One of the disadvantages is the inability to install hydromassage due to the use of 4 mm thick acrylic sheet.

The Polish company uses modern antibacterial acrylic sheet thickness of 4 mm, which does not allow the installation of hydromassage.

Model of an acrylic bathtub from the company "Cersanit"


The popularity of acrylic bathtubs from the Dutch manufacturer Riho is due to their production technology: for sanitary ware the company uses durable and environmentally friendly acrylic 6-8 mm thick from the Lucite brand. This guarantees lightness, resistance to deformation and high quality.

The Dutch manufacturer of acrylic bathtubs is in high demand in Europe among plumbing consumers. In the manufacturing process of bathtubs, Riho uses durable and environmentally friendly 6-8 millimeter acrylic from the Lucite brand. The use of such material guarantees the highest quality of products, lightness and durability during operation.

Model of an acrylic bathtub manufactured by Riho


Aquanet acrylic bathtubs, presented by a domestic manufacturer, are made from high-quality acrylic, 5 mm thick and can be oval, rectangular or asymmetrical in shape. Special armrests and walls, which are equipped with most Aquanet models, provide comfort when using the products.


Kolo products are also produced in Poland, which combine modern design and reasonable cost. However, the insufficient rigidity for installing hydromassage is a rather significant drawback for those for whom this particular function is important.

Along with official information, you can find a lot of data from buyers of a particular brand, which can give an objective description of the product used. Therefore, if you still have questions about the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic bathtubs, reviews of manufacturers will help you find the answer and choose the best option.

Video tutorial on choosing an acrylic bathtub