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Italian manufacturers of bathroom tiles

For those who would like to create a special place in their bathroom for relaxation and rest, the interior of which will please the eye, Italian tiles for the bathroom will be of particular interest. Its creation and production has a rich historical tradition: the climate in Italy, as in other Mediterranean countries, has always been characterized by high humidity and temperature, and in order to withstand such conditions, ceramics must be of truly high quality.

One of the Italian collections in the bathroom interior

Advantages of Italian ceramic tiles

Despite the fact that Italian bathroom tiles have long been no longer exotic, and can be found in quite ordinary houses and apartments, they cannot be called cheap. This is where the list of its shortcomings ends; all other properties are a list of advantages. These include:

  • Perfect dimensional accuracy. This is facilitated by modern Italian technologies, which are considered the benchmark for tile production. Every finisher knows how important this indicator is for carrying out quality work, and how much the final result depends on it. Undoubtedly, Italian manufacturers also know about this and produce a product with exemplarily accurate dimensions.
  • Stylish appearance. Despite the variety of designs from different manufacturers, Italy bathroom tiles are still a model of style and stand out among similar products with their aesthetic appearance. Using it, you can do without additional accessories to create a harmonious and stylish interior.
  • High quality. For the production of Italian tiles, first-class raw materials are used - clay containing a large amount of quartz, as well as special pigments. Deposits of these minerals have been known in Italy since ancient times, and their use has been studied to the smallest detail. Ceramic tiles from Italy are diverse and distinguished by their original style; their strength and resistance to external influences have long been known throughout the world.

The advantages of Italian tiles do not end there, and judging by consumer reviews, bathroom tiles from Italy meet the most stringent requirements and the most picky tastes.

Manufacturers of Italian ceramic tiles

As mentioned above, ceramics have been produced in Italy since time immemorial, and leading Italian manufacturers have extensive experience in this field. Below are several manufacturers whose products are often found on Russian shelves.


This Italian factory specializes in the production of not only ceramic tiles, but also porcelain stoneware. Elegance and Italian style are the hallmarks of Settecento products.

The most popular collections from Settecento


This brand is known not only in Italy, but also far beyond its borders. The company's products are original ceramics, which are distinguished by a combination of classic colors and decorative techniques with extraordinary solutions and shapes. Tiles produced by MARAZZI are used both for private houses and apartments, and for public facilities.

Bathroom tiles from MARAZZI collections


The products of the Ragno factory are large format ceramic tiles, they are used to cover the walls and floors of bathrooms. A distinctive feature, in addition to the unusual format, is the use of a matte surface, while most manufacturers present products with a glossy surface.

Ceramic wall tiles from Ragno factory

Vallelunga Ceramica

The Vallelunga Ceramica factory produces a variety of tiles, including an absolutely stunning one - with a relief metallized surface. Its use is limited; it produces too strong a decorative effect. The interior with its use looks very exotic and expensive, which stimulates consumer demand and forces the factory to offer more and more new product samples.

Varied collections of Vallelunga Ceramica

Of course, the list of Italian production is not limited to the listed manufacturers; they also produce tiles of classic designs and those imitating natural stone or other interesting textures.