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Bathroom tiles Shakhtinskaya: popular collections

For those who need beautiful and modern ceramics for finishing the bathroom and kitchen, Shakhtinskaya bathroom tiles will be of interest. On the Russian market, this brand is one of the main ones and deservedly occupies a leading position in sales of building materials both here and in the neighboring countries.

Bathrooms decorated with Shakhty tiles

What is attractive about Shakhty tiles?

The modern consumer is spoiled by an abundance of offers, and it is extremely difficult to please him. However, the properties possessed by this manufacturer’s ceramic tiles place them one step above all of their closest competitors. These include:

  • Huge selection of options. The designers working on the collections did everything to ensure that Shakhty tiles in the bathroom and kitchen were varied and attractive in design. Different shapes, sizes, colors, textures - the choice simply amazes buyers.
  • Wide range of applications. The company produces collections that can be used in a variety of finishing options. In addition to classic ceramic tiles, the range includes borders, various decorative elements, and porcelain tiles. The company's products can be used both for finishing bathrooms and kitchens, and for other premises and objects: entrance areas, swimming pools, industrial areas.
  • Availability of purchase. This feature includes a price level that is significantly lower than that of most foreign manufacturers, and the fact that the company’s products can be purchased in almost any locality in Russia. The affordable cost is due to the use of domestic raw materials, rational organization of production and the absence of additional transportation costs.
  • High quality. Modern technologies, strict and constant control - this keeps quality at the required level and makes it competitive in the modern market.

Collections of Shakhty tiles

The company's designers show maximum imagination and taste in order to create collections in brightness and style that are not inferior to the products of European manufacturers. If you wish, you can find a solution for any room and style here; the only difficulty will be choosing the most suitable option among the mass of very successful ones. Below are selected, most current collections.

Gracia Ceramica

This line is separated into a separate brand; its creation uses the imagination of European craftsmen, domestic raw materials and imported dyes. The sophistication of the designs and the depth of colors - all this makes the tiles produced under this brand especially attractive to the consumer.

GraciaCeramica brand samples

This includes both tiles and porcelain stoneware, which allows them to be used in several qualities. The most popular collections of the brand are:

  • Andes. Shades of South American mountains, restraint and power - all this creates a special mood that everyone who decides to choose it will feel.
  • Angers. The French motifs reflected in the name dictate sophistication and make one remember pastoral European landscapes, giving the interior where Shakhtinskaya bathroom tiles are used a special charm.

Three color variations of "Angers" - brown, blue, green

  • Africa. Burning exotic shades, a variety of textures and original designs are what attract buyers to this collection.

“Wild” decor of the “Africa” collection

  • Gobi. Looking at the design of products produced under this name, you remember endless deserts, restrained color transitions of sandy shades and the majesty of the mountain landscape.
  • Venetian plaster. The Italian theme is always popular in the design of finishing materials, and this tile is a clear confirmation of this. Looking at it, Venetian frescoes and noble walls of ancient houses come to mind.

Calm colors of “Venetian plaster” - purple and beige

The wealth of options produced under the Grazia Ceramica brand does not end there, and buyers look forward to every new product bearing this name.


Adriano's collection of ceramic tiles features delicate airy tones, elegant lines and excellent results. It is chosen by those who value real rest and relaxation in their bathroom.

Adriano Collection


Rich tones combined with a classic texture are what attracts consumers when choosing this tile. The collection includes both wall and floor tiles, as well as various decorative elements to give the interior a finished and neat look.

Antonio Collection


Lightness, sophistication and unusual style - all these features create a special mood and make the bathroom environment self-sufficient without the use of any other decorative techniques.

Arabesque Collection

This does not exhaust the description of the collections, and the consumer knows that if Shakhty tiles are used, the bathroom design becomes completely special and attractive. The company's products are constantly updated and supplemented with even more interesting samples.