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Bathroom tile color: features of choice

A wide range of tile types are now available to consumers in construction stores. This is the best finishing solution that allows you to realize stylish designer fantasies: thanks to the variety, you can choose the color of the tiles for the bathroom, either monochromatic or in combination with other shades.

Finishing a bathroom with tiles is an opportunity to realize a flight of fantasy

Tile textures

For the bathroom, you can use tiles from various materials.

Ceramic tile

The basis of this type is sand and clay. There are two types of tiles:

  • unglazed – uniformity on all sides, without chips;
  • glazed - the front surface is covered with a glassy decorative layer, which also performs a protective function.

Porcelain tiles

This is an imitation of natural stone, consisting of a mixture of white clay, quartz sand, and metal oxides (used as dyes). The variety in colors is minimal, but in size and width they can be compared with the choice of tiles.

Glass tiles

This tempered glass with a pattern on the front side comes in the following shades: green, blue and beige.

The surface can be matte or transparent, as well as imitating various surfaces: ice, sand, metal, with certain patterns. Such tiles have both standard and minimal dimensions (1x1 cm), used to create a mosaic on the canvas.

Polyvinyl chloride tiles

It has an environmentally friendly synthetic composition. Used for residential premises where oils and fats cannot get on it. You can choose PVC tiles of any texture and shade, as well as in any size.

Colorful PVC Bathroom Tiles

Plastic tiles are mainly used for finishing bathrooms and toilets. An excellent solution for creating “stone”, “wooden”, “marble” and other surfaces. Most often used for finishing floors.

Selecting material by color

You need to think about what color tiles you will have in your bathroom, because they will create a special atmosphere. Cool tones will give the room a feeling of coolness, while warmer tones will give a cozy feeling.

When choosing a color, you need to consider the following features:

  • Room parameters - for small room sizes, light-colored bathroom tiles are best suited, because they visually increase the area.
  • Conditions for a clean surface - on a matte surface, dirt is not so visible, but on a glazed surface, especially dark ones, it is easy to control the dirt and remove it in time.
  • Dimensions of the material - small tiles look much more cheerful and are easier to lay out; you have to cut them less often. But this type of coating is more difficult to care for and keep clean.
  • Tastes, preferences, age of the inhabitants of the apartment or house. For young people, bright tiles for the bathroom are suitable, for older people - calmer colors that are not annoying to the eyes.

White bathroom tiles

White color has always been the main option for decoration, but it will not add originality to your bathroom. Of course, you can combine various bath accessories and bath furniture with white tiles, changing them at least every month. A light background visually increases the size of the space.

[note]For those who do not like the monotony of white, you can combine shades. White walls and dark tiles on the bathroom floor look great. You can add a strip of a different color along the walls, but keep in mind that the length of the floor will visually decrease, and a dark insert will narrow the space.[/note]

Black tiles

The bathroom, tiled with black tiles, looks beautiful. However, it is necessary to skillfully choose a light color scheme for decorating the walls, since a room decorated entirely in black becomes too dark and gloomy.

If light rays enter the room, then feel free to choose black, which goes well with orange, green or blue tiles. Don’t forget about the parameters of the room: this color scheme is suitable for a large room.

Color combinations with dominant black always look solid

Mosaic in intense colors

Colored bathroom tiles will create a rainbow atmosphere that will lift your spirits even on the gloomiest morning. Mosaics can be made with motifs of precious stones, fashionable designs, or traditional designs.

[note]A mosaic bathroom looks very impressive, allowing you to use enormous design abilities. It is best to use glass mosaic tiles for the bathroom, because they are not afraid of moisture. This material is ideal for cladding walls that are constantly in contact with water.[/note]

Mosaic looks perfect in the bathroom

In order for mosaic tiles to decorate your bathroom for a long time, you need to choose the right installation adhesive for it. It should be moisture-resistant, viscous and white in color, emphasizing the pattern of transparent tiles.

Colorful bathroom

Bright tiles in the bathroom give the interior color saturation and energy, a charge of vivacity and good mood. Modern designers offer to design a bathroom in 3D format. Such a bold solution harmoniously combines with the main tiles.

3D technologies allow you to create real masterpieces from tiles

3D tiles consist of ceramics that are covered with a carbon film, allowing you to see the image three-dimensionally and realistically. Standard drawings:

  • seabed with underwater kingdom;
  • night city;
  • bright sun rays penetrating through the forest.

All this in your bathroom looks voluminous and real. It feels like this is not a wall, but a real image.

Bathroom in monochromatic colors

A variety of colors will help you create a fashionable design, where there are plain bathroom tiles and decor that stands out against its background. The cladding can be made of cold tones - they have a calming effect. Delicate colors can make the room more comfortable and warm.

Plain tiles and small accents

[note]Bright accessories add variety to a monochromatic bathroom. Red-framed mirrors, chrome fixtures, curved bathtub edges, shimmering mosaic trim, and a red chair or laundry basket will transform a simple room. [/note]

Qualities of bathroom tiles

Each type of tile has its own advantages and disadvantages. Ceramic tiles have many positive advantages:

  • low moisture absorption coefficient (its value depends on the number of firings and production methods);
  • high fire resistance;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • long term preservation of the original appearance
  • resistance to acids and alkalis;
  • easy to clean, withstands heavy loads;
  • good thermal conductivity;
  • non-conductivity of electricity.


  • If the floor is made of tiles, then it will be cold and additional heating will be required.
  • You should be careful: when transporting such material, it is necessary to carefully pack it, since strong impacts are contraindicated for it.

The choice is yours. Almost any tile, if it is correctly selected and applied to the surface with high quality, will make your bathroom unique and fashionable.