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Bathroom interior: choosing a tile collection

Now it has become fashionable to use unusual design solutions to develop the interior of a bathroom - tiles play a major role in this matter. To achieve this, many manufacturers produce material with amazing aesthetic properties. With the help of color and texture, you can achieve the desired effect of beauty and harmony. Our article will offer you the most popular collections of tiles from famous manufacturers.

Bathroom tiles are the best finishing solution

Choosing the right collection

Country - tiles imitating crushed stone

The Ukrainian factory Atem produces an excellent example of Country tiles imitating crushed stone. The colors of this material are divided into red-brown and beige-brown. The matte surface has a characteristic relief pattern of stones.

Country: using one color and a combination of two

The surface also has anti-slip properties. In addition, the tiles look indistinguishable from natural stones, which is perfect for connoisseurs of natural materials. If the tile seams are adjusted as closely as possible, you can achieve the effect of an exquisite stone carpet.

The cost of this option is low: it is much easier to save just once for a long period of time and install this durable tile than to overpay many times with simpler and lower-quality materials. It is convenient to use such tiles in both large and small baths.

[note]Each “pebble” has its own specific shade, which has a positive effect on the natural appearance of the tile. To add variety to the design, you can combine two colors. In this case, the appearance of the panel will be as harmonious as possible. [/note]

Cayman - crocodile design tiles

"Caiman" crocodile tiles and "lizard" decor Varan

For lovers of a combination of gray, white and black, the original Cayman tiles from Golden Tile are suitable. Although few in our time would choose such a bold move. The textured surface of the tile imitates crocodile skin.

This material is decorated even more original. White patent leather and a gray background are combined with black stripes, similar to zebra skin. This option has a unique mystery, and the contrast between black and white makes the shape strict and clear.

[note]You may be interested in the “Varan” collection from the Italian manufacturer Keram Marazzi. It also imitates the texture of leather, but, as the name suggests, it is more similar to the skin of a lizard or snake. [/note]

Composition of the "Cayman" collection

Bright colors with the Courage collection

Many psychologists recommend that people with a bad mood often look at bright, but not poisonous, colors. At the same time, your mood improves, sadness and apathy disappear. This is why the beautiful Courage tiles from the Jade-Ceramics factory were created. Many shades will allow a person with a subtle artistic taste to realize their fantasies and adequately decorate the bathroom. The surface of the segment is matte due to the characteristic ribbing. The strength is relatively high. This option will reliably serve you for decades. The price of the product can be safely called democratic.

Bright tiles Courage

Floral solutions "Kenzo"

If you decide to decorate your bathroom in subdued colors, you may like the unusual and very attractive Kenzo tiles from Jade-Ceramics. It mainly depicts floral motifs (lilies, poppies, sakura).

The colors chosen are pleasant:

  • brown;
  • pistachio;
  • terracotta.

Kenzo Floral Motifs

Noble "Vintage"

The name given to the Vintage tile collection, in the traditional English sense, is translated as “noble and well-aged wine of a good brand.” This series of the Kerama-Marazzi brand is rather nostalgic for past fashion. Imitation recreates the appearance of exactly those materials that are characteristic of a bygone era. The tiles, similar to laminate boards, look successful and impeccable.

[note]Tiles with flagship decor have a special unique look. It depicts flowers using graphic techniques. And in a combination of segments, the pattern continues itself, that is, the ornament itself has continuity. The panel has a size of 60x120, the drawing is placed on a white background. [/note]

Vintage tiles: colors and example of use

Features of tiles with oriental motifs

Sakura is a symbol of Japan. Since ancient times, Japanese culture has had an unusual tradition of admiring the beautiful sakura flowers. There is even a name for this ritual - Hanami.

Ceramic tiles with the same name from Kerama Marazzi become a real pearl for bathroom design. It displays oriental motifs using a three-dimensional relief pattern. The decor is dominated by floral patterns. At the heart of the composition you can find both sophisticated Japanese sakura flowers and images of young bamboo shoots strewn with many leaves. The texture has some vague similarity to fabric.

The beauty, charm and creativity of this ceramic tile lies in the aesthetic and artistic value, as well as in the complex production technology, because it is worth noting that the pattern is voluminous. The color range includes six shades. Basic black, gray and pastel colors will create a unique oriental style in the bathroom.

Leaves and flowers are the basis of the “Sakura” composition

The floor tiles in this series are durable, and the matte finish is non-slip. The material will last a long time, and its appearance will not deteriorate over the years. We can say with confidence about this option that quality and beauty have their cost.

If the Japanese theme is close to you, but you are not ready to create a sharp colorful design and prefer a calmer interior, we recommend paying attention to “Sakura” from the Sokol plant. The collection has a fairly wide palette of five colors and is made in pastel colors.

Pastel version of “Sakura”

Antique tiles

For retro lovers, a tile with the same name from Rocersa is suitable. Classic bathroom tiles can have different motifs. The patterns and colors are mostly taken from past fashion styles, but this does not stop them from creating grandiose compositions and designs.

“Retro” from the Belarusian manufacturer Berezakeramika

Classic bathroom tiles are strong and durable. Its coating prevents rapid destruction, and the material itself is exceptional in its quality and price.

The right choice – long service life

To choose the right tiles for your bathroom, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Carefully study the price range for the products: perhaps, somewhere identical samples will cost half as much.
  • Also, do not forget about the quality of the product - be sure to ask the seller for a license for the product.
  • It is worth noting that tiles designed for walls will differ noticeably in thickness from floor tiles. Therefore, you need to choose the material depending on its purpose.
  • It is important that the back side of the tile is as textured as possible. This will have a positive effect when it is laid (if the adhesion to the mortar is poor, the slab may peel off).

Ceramic tiles in a bathroom interior can serve as a decorative element and have different properties, but its main purpose is to prevent the spread of moisture. Its price always depends on the quality and appearance.

Choose tiles according to your taste, and they will delight you every day, creating coziness in your bathroom and making it unique.