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Construction of a Fence on Screw Piles "Turnkey": Reliability, Simplicity and Savings


Construction of a fence is an important stage in the development of your site. But how can this process be made as reliable and efficient as possible? One of the advanced methods is to use screw piles. This innovative technology allows you to install a fence quickly and reliably. In this article we will look at what screw piles are and why the construction of a turnkey fence on screw piles from the LenSvaya company https://lensvaya.ru/uslugi/stroitelstvo-zabora-na-vintovykh-svayakh-pod-klyuch is an excellent choice .

What are screw piles?

Screw piles are metal structures with a screw-shaped tip that are screwed into the ground. They provide a strong foundation for building structures, including fences.

Advantages of screw piles:

  1. Speed ​​of installation: Screw piles can be installed significantly faster than traditional concrete piles. This reduces construction time.

  2. Minimal excavation work: Installation of screw piles does not require deep digging of holes, which reduces the impact on the landscape.

  3. Stability: Screw piles provide excellent stability to the fence even in conditions of high humidity and temperature changes.

  4. Environmental friendliness: Screw piles leave a minimum of construction waste and do not pollute the soil with chemicals.

Turnkey construction of a fence on screw piles:

When you choose turnkey construction of a fence on screw piles, you receive a full range of services, from design to finishing work. Here are the steps this process involves:

  1. Design: Specialists assess the area and develop a fence design, taking into account your preferences and requirements.

  2. Selection of materials: The type and quantity of materials required for the construction of the fence are determined.

  3. Installation of screw piles: Professionals install screw piles exactly according to the design, ensuring their correct positioning and backfill depth.

  4. Fence installation: The fence itself is built, taking into account the selected material and design.

  5. Finishing and Treatment: Finishing touches include finishing and weatherproofing the fence.

  6. Acceptance and warranty: After completion of the work, the project is accepted and you receive a guarantee for the work performed.


Turnkey construction of a fence on screw piles is a reliable and modern solution for your site. This technology ensures the strength and durability of your fence, while also saving time and resources. If you want to have a reliable and beautiful fence, turn to professionals who provide turnkey services and create the perfect fence for your site.