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Tile options in the bathroom: finishing methods

Decorating any room requires a careful approach. It is especially important to choose the right material to decorate the interior of the bathroom - the tiles must be of high quality. Which bathroom tile options to choose depends on various factors, such as the size of the room or the humidity level.

Tiles are the best finish for the bathroom

Material selection

Since the bathroom should be an absolutely safe place for health, the main requirement for the coating is hygiene. Tile is best suited here, since this material is easy to clean from dirt. At the same time, it is resistant to household products and has excellent water-repellent properties.


The color and texture of the surface of the material are also important. Shades should not be too dark or bright so as not to have a negative impact on the psyche.

[note]A medium and large bathroom can be decorated with almost any tile. For a small room, tiles with a small pattern are suitable. Moreover, it is advisable to choose a shade that could visually expand the space. [/note]

Ceramic tile options for the bathroom in calm pastel colors will add a strict style to the room. To decorate walls with a wood look, it is recommended to choose a material whose surface is slightly worn. To decorate in the now popular Art Nouveau style, you can install tiles in brighter colors.

Combined options

In recent years, tiles decorated with glass of various shapes have become increasingly popular. Photo tiles have also become very popular. In this case, the manufacturer of the finishing material can fulfill an order for the production of tiles, the surface of which will bear the image that the customer wishes to put.

Convex bathroom tiles are also used. It is suitable for finishing not only walls, but also floors. However, you should carefully choose a material so that its surface does not slip. It is advisable to purchase floor finishes in darker shades.

Variant of convex tiles “sea pebbles”

Laying tiles in the bathroom

There are several ways in which you can decorate a room using tiles. Options for finishing a bathroom with tiles are:

  • all over the wall;
  • part of the wall (horizontally);
  • fragmentary.

Laying tiles along the entire wall

More recently, most homes installed full wall tiles in their bathrooms. However, this can lead to the undesirable effect of visually reducing space.

Tiles can be laid to the full height of the wall

To avoid negative effects, you can use various styling options. For example, lay the material so that the lighter part of the surface faces another equally light edge. As a result, there is an alternation of dark and light shades.

[note]The size of the tile also affects the perception of the design of the room. In a small bathroom, it is better to use material measuring from 10x10 cm to 20x20 cm. If you put large tiles, gaps will be evident. You can also lay out a mosaic on one of the walls. [/note]

Mosaic tiles are suitable for small bathrooms

If it is necessary to cover the entire surface of the wall, it is recommended to use tiles, which will become an unobtrusive background for the rest of the interior elements. Also a good solution would be a combination of dark and white tiles: the first is laid from the floor to the middle of the wall, and the second - from the wall to the ceiling. Separate both parts using a decorative belt.

Half wall installation

Quite often, tiles are laid only for the lower part of the wall. Before you start work, you should calculate to what height the finish will reach. If the height is chosen poorly, it will give the impression that the work is not finished. Therefore, first you need to carefully consider the future composition.

Bathroom tiles: options for laying on the lower part of the wall

It is desirable that the top edge of the laid tiles be 200 cm above the bathtub and 120 cm above the washbasin. In this case, the edge is decorated using a decorative frieze or strip. As a result, a horizontal line dividing the wall into two parts can visually improve the proportions of the bathroom.

[note]If elongated tiles are used, it is not recommended to lay them horizontally.[/note]

Decorating a wall fragment with tiles

In some cases, tiles are placed only on a certain section of the wall. These are mainly the places that are most splashed with water: near the sink and plumbing fixtures. It is recommended to use small glazed tiles.

Options for finishing a bathroom with tiles in the form of an apron

In addition to the fact that this method of installation can protect some areas of the wall from water, it is also used to improve the visual perception of the room, and in this way you can emphasize the shape of the bathtub.

Thanks to the use of a variety of patterns, from ordinary squares to diamonds, the wall seems to come to life. Thanks to the right approach to design, you can make the tiles blend harmoniously with the wall or contrast with its color.