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Bath in your home

From childhood, everyone is familiar with typical bathtubs, which once shone with their snow-white enameled surface, but today have clearly outlived their useful life. The baths are good, functional, but terribly similar to one another. The issue of replacing old bathtubs with new ones is now relevant for many, but making a choice has become not at all easy: the modern market offers such a variety of models, which can be found on the website https://top-santehnika.ru/catalog/vanny/170-sm / that my head is just spinning.

In order not to get lost in this huge assortment of all kinds of bathtubs and choose exactly the one that is best suited for your home, experts recommend getting acquainted with their main characteristics. 

Features of choosing a bath for the home

Of course, first of all, when purchasing, the dimensions of the bathroom and the characteristics of you and your family members are taken into account. The next most important selection criterion is the material from which the bathtub is made.

Traditional cast iron bathtubs with an enameled surface still have every right to show off in our homes and serve us faithfully. They have a number of advantages that make our lives more comfortable. They retain the heat of the collected water for a long time, thanks to their considerable weight, they are stable and do not bend if there is a person of impressive size in them. At the same time, the heaviness of the bath turns into a disadvantage when it comes to transportation. Enamel requires careful care.

Steel baths are much lighter and cheaper, they can be covered with enamel, or may not have this protective layer (stainless steel baths). However, you should be prepared for the fact that the water in such a bath will quickly cool down. Pay special attention to the installation and soundproofing of such a bathtub, because it is very noisy when hit by a stream of water.

Acrylic bathtubs

If you love everything modern and innovative, take a closer look at acrylic bathtubs. They hold heat well, and the acrylic itself constantly maintains room temperature and is very pleasant to the touch. Acrylic is a homogeneous and durable material that can be easily restored and does not lose its color brightness over time. For additional strength, acrylic bathtubs are equipped with fiberglass or metal mesh reinforcement. Modern bathtubs no longer sag under the weight of a person or water. The noise of falling water, however, is also quite strong, so it is especially important to properly secure the bathtub.

Now you have a general idea about bathtubs, their advantages and disadvantages, so making a choice has become much easier. All that remains is to take the necessary measurements and go in search of the bathroom of your dreams.