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Bulk Materials in Construction: Features and Applications


Various bulk materials are widely used in construction, which play an important role in creating high-quality and sustainable structures. Among them, materials such as expanded clay, crushed stone, gravel, OPGS (gravel mass), lime-sand mixture, lime, sand and fertile soil stand out, you can buy them here: kamne-grad.ru/catalog/sypuchie_materialy/ . Let's take a closer look at each of them.

  1. Expanded clay: Expanded clay is a porous material made by firing clay or shale. It has good heat and sound insulation, lightness and strength. Expanded clay is used for insulating floors, lightweight concrete, and filling floors and walls.

  2. Crushed Stone and Gravel: These are natural bulk materials consisting of stone particles of different sizes. They are used in construction for laying road surface bases, concreting, reinforcing concrete structures and drainage systems.

  3. OPGS (gravel mass): A gravel-sand mixture cleared of soil, used in construction. OPGS is used for laying foundations for road surfaces, concreting and foundations.

  4. Lime-Sand Mix (Dry): It is a mixture of sand and lime used for wall construction, plastering work and also as aggregate. Dry lime-sand mixture has good antiseptic properties.

  5. Lime: Lime is a natural material that is used to make lime mortar. This solution is used in construction for plastering and finishing work.

  6. Sand: Sand is a basic building material and is used in concrete production, plastering and painting, and for laying slabs, bricks and blocks.

  7. Soil Fertile: Fertile soil is a valuable material for landscape design, rural construction and gardening. It contains nutrients and is suitable for growing plants.

Bulk materials play a key role in various construction projects, providing strength, stability and durability to structures. The correct selection and use of these materials contribute to the quality of construction work.