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Limestone crushed stone: Application, properties and advantages


Crushed limestone is an important building material made from limestone rocks. This material is widely used in construction and road construction due to its unique properties and advantages; prices can be found here: nds-nn.ru/shheben-izvestnyakovyj/ . In this article we will look at the use of crushed limestone, its main properties and advantages.

1. Application of crushed limestone

Limestone crushed stone is used in various fields:

  • Road Construction : Crushed limestone is used for the construction of road surfaces, asphalt and concrete mixtures, providing strength and durability to road surfaces.

  • Construction of buildings : In construction, crushed limestone is used as an integral part of concrete mixtures, foundation structures and other elements.

  • Production of building materials : Crushed limestone can be used in the production of brick, sandstone and other building materials.

  • Soil Filling : It is used to compact the soil and create a strong foundation for construction.

  • Landscape design : Limestone crushed stone is used in landscape design of gardens and parks to create decorative elements and coatings.

2. Properties of crushed limestone

  • Strength : Crushed limestone has high strength, making it a reliable material for construction and road construction.

  • Durability : This material is resistant to moisture and frost, which ensures its long service life.

  • Compression Resistance : Crushed limestone helps compact soil and create a strong foundation for building structures.

  • Decorative : Various shades and textures of crushed limestone allow it to be used for decorative purposes in landscape design.

3. Advantages of crushed limestone

  • Environmentally friendly : Limestone crushed stone is an environmentally friendly material that does not contain harmful substances.

  • Efficiency : Due to its durable properties, crushed limestone ensures the stability of building structures.

  • Versatility : This material is used in various fields of construction.

4. Care of crushed limestone

Caring for crushed limestone includes regular cleaning of debris and dirt with a brush or water.


Crushed limestone is an important building material with unique properties and benefits. Its high strength, durability and resistance to the elements make it an ideal choice for a variety of construction and road construction applications. This material can also be used in landscaping to create beautiful and functional elements.