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Ministry of Emergency Situations license

In what cases is a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations required?

A license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations may be needed in the following cases:

  1. Organization of emergency situations or carrying out activities related to professional activities in the field of prevention and response to emergency situations.
  2. Providing fire protection services, including fire safety, fire fighting equipment and equipment, fire hazardous materials, etc.
  3. Organization of production, storage, transportation or sale of flammable and explosive substances.
  4. Carrying out maintenance, repair or installation of special equipment related to fire safety.
  5. Providing services for the protection of facilities and property that require fire safety.
  6. Providing services for the design of fire extinguishing systems, fire systems or automatic fire systems.
  7. Conducting briefings, trainings and education in the field of fire safety.

These are the main cases when a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations may be required. However, the list of services and activities that require licensing may vary depending on the legislation of a particular country.

What documents are needed to obtain a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations?

To obtain a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the following documents are usually required:

  1. Application for a license, completed in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
  2. A document confirming state registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.
  3. Constituent documents of the organization (charter, certificate of state registration, etc.).
  4. Documents confirming registration with the tax service (certificate of registration, tax return, etc.).
  5. Copies of passports of the manager and specialists who will be engaged in activities subject to licensing.
  6. Documents confirming compliance with basic requirements in the field of fire safety (technical specifications for design, estimate documentation, etc.).
  7. A document confirming that the company has the means of support necessary to carry out its activities (for example, a vehicle fleet, equipment, etc.).
  8. Documents confirming the availability of human resources and professional training of specialists.

It is important to note that the requirements and list of required documents may differ in different countries and regions, so check the specific requirements with the Ministry of Emergency Situations in your region.

Cost and terms

To obtain a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, you can contact the StroyYurist company; the cost and terms for obtaining a license can be found on the website https://novosibirsk.stroyurist.ru/services/license/litsenzii-mchs/

Necessary equipment to obtain a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations

To obtain a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations (Ministry of Emergency Situations), the following equipment may be required:

  1. A specified number of fire vehicles of various types, including fire tankers, fire ladder trucks, and fire extinguisher trucks.

  2. Firefighting equipment for firefighters, including protective clothing, helmets, breathing masks, gloves and boots.

  3. Fire equipment such as fire extinguishers, stem sprayers, fire hoses, pumps and fire hydrants.

  4. Specialized equipment to respond to other emergencies such as building collapses, flooding and chemical accidents. This may include lifting equipment, shipbuilding equipment, breathing apparatus and communications equipment.

  5. Medical equipment and first aid kits for providing first aid in emergencies.

  6. Operations rooms and command posts with equipment for communications, situation monitoring and action planning.

  7. Public address and warning systems such as sirens and megaphones.

  8. Vehicles for transporting equipment and personnel, such as cars, motorcycles and helicopters.

This is just some of the equipment that may be required to obtain a license from the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Specific requirements may vary by region and by type of organization (for example, fire department or rescue service).