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What a wedding after 4 years of marriage

If you have been happily married for four years, then your wedding anniversary will be called a “linen wedding.” This year of your marriage is also called the “wax wedding.” Why the wedding is called a wax wedding is still unknown. But the name “linen wedding” is quite logical and understandable.

The first word that appears in the name of the wedding has a symbolic meaning in the personal life of the husband and wife. But these are not emotional sensations. It's more like the name of the wedding implies the physical state of the family.

Len, as it were, characterizes that in the family now the first and main role is played not by personal relationships, not by feelings and emotions, but the main thing is considered to be family life and comfort. Even things made from linen are durable and of high quality, this is how family relationships should be. In the fourth year of marriage, it’s time to start thinking about saving money, buying things and household items.

Linen wedding traditions

Among the traditions on the fourth anniversary, such an interesting ritual as the “Canvas of Happiness” stands out. It lies in the fact that a few days before the anniversary, the wife begins to remember all the signs of attention and affection from her husband. For each sign of attention, the wife embroiders a pattern or flower on linen fabric. On the anniversary day, the wife shows her husband this painting.

Also, especially talented girls can sew a wonderful linen set of clothes for their husband. And the husband in return gives his wife a linen outfit. A linen wedding can be celebrated by having a noisy party or even a disco. You can invite not only relatives, but also your closest friends. You can also come up with an interesting program with a variety of tasks and competitions.

What to give for a linen wedding?

Very often, a husband and wife receive a variety of linen new clothes or beautiful linen bed linen as a gift. You can also get creative and give: various linen products, for example, napkins, tablecloths, embroidery on linen fabric. If we move a little away from the topic, you can give aromatic oils, candles, shower gels, and foam for bathing. If you know your husband and wife very well, give them an erotic-themed gift. This could be a set of underwear Information here. , stockings, erotic panties and much more.

As you can see, there are a lot of variety of gifts and options for holding a linen wedding, but what to choose, of course, is decided first of all by the husband and wife, based on their tastes and preferences.