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Bathtub manufacturers: how to choose the best

If a few decades ago the problem of choosing plumbing was the limited range, today difficulties arise due to the variety of offers. In the competitive struggle, bathtub manufacturers are improving their products, offering customers a variety of models that differ in design, material, technical equipment and price. To select the optimal combination of consumer qualities and find the ideal option, you need to compare products from different manufacturers, taking into account several criteria.

The pinnacle of design art: a bath for the elite

The main ones are the financial capabilities of the buyer, since the cost of bathtubs, depending on their characteristics, can vary several times. A special place is occupied by the products of fashion designers in the field of plumbing: they are produced in limited quantities, have a high price and are not available to a wide range of consumers. More in demand are mass-produced products, which include products made from various materials with a standard set of functions and the possibility of selecting additional equipment. The best bathtub manufacturers combine interesting design, necessary consumer properties and reasonable cost in their sanitary ware collections.

Comparative analysis of bathtub manufacturers

Among the variety of materials that are used to make plumbing fixtures, the most popular are cast iron, sheet steel and acrylic. Each of them has both its advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, the rating of bathtub manufacturers is taken into account within a certain group, since most often companies specialize in the manufacture of products of one type. However, some of them go beyond this and produce products using different materials. An example of such an enterprise is the Spanish company Roca, which offers a wide range of plumbing fixtures made of cast iron, acrylic and steel.

Characteristics of cast iron baths

Cast iron plumbing is a traditional solution for bathroom equipment.

Traditional cast iron bathtub

These baths have the following advantages:

  • strength;
  • long service life;
  • noiselessness when drawing water;
  • low heat transfer;
  • stability and the ability to maintain the original configuration without changes for a long time.

However, they have a significant mass, which makes delivery and installation of products difficult. In addition, the standard models offered by Russian manufacturers of cast iron bathtubs are not distinguished by a variety of shapes, and products with interesting designs sold by foreign manufacturers are not available to a wide range of consumers due to their high cost.

The leading positions in the sale of consumer goods are occupied by European companies Roca, Odoksan and Porcher, and among domestic enterprises - the Kirov Plant and the Universal Plant. There are many offers from companies from China and Turkey, but their products are not of stable quality and are prone to chipping and cracking due to the low adhesion coefficient of the enamel layer and cast iron.

Modern cast iron bath

Features of steel baths

Steel plumbing fixtures are produced by stamping metal sheets of a certain thickness. The larger this value, the stronger the finished product. The advantages of steel bathtubs are:

  • acceptable price;
  • light weight;
  • greater variety of shapes than cast iron counterparts.

The main disadvantages of these products include low stability, high noise when collecting water and its rapid cooling. To eliminate them, manufacturers of steel bathtubs supplement them with a rigid frame and special linings, which increase the sound-proofing and heat-insulating characteristics of the products.

Steel bath

Rating among steel product manufacturers:

  1. Among manufacturers of luxury products, the most popular are plumbing products from the German company Kaldewei and the Spanish company Roca.
  2. The market segment for more affordable steel bathtubs is occupied by Estap products from Slovakia, Polish Emalia and Portuguese BLB.
  3. Russian manufacturers are represented by VIZ LLC and the Lipetsk Pipe Plant, whose products are resistant to aggressive environments and, as consumer reviews indicate, are distinguished by decent enamel quality.

[note]When purchasing a steel bathtub, you can do without purchasing a frame and additional soundproofing linings. They can easily be replaced by a brick structure lined with tiles.[/note]

Properties of acrylic bathtubs

The introduction of new technologies and significant competition between acrylic bathtub manufacturers have reduced the cost of these products, which has led to an increase in consumer demand. And this is no coincidence, since in comparison with steel and cast iron analogues, acrylic products are in many ways better and are characterized by a lot of advantages, which include:

  • unlimited possibilities in choosing shapes and colors;
  • minimum weight;
  • ability to retain heat for a long time;
  • Quietness when drawing water.

Acrylic bath

Strength and lack of tendency to deform depends on the manufacturer: for example, Bas products can withstand significant loads without changing the geometry. Additional equipment with a variety of equipment also helps to increase the popularity of products among customers. The main disadvantage of acrylic bathtubs is the possibility of damage to the enamel coating due to mechanical stress. When caring, it is advisable to avoid abrasive cleaning agents, which can lead to scratches and chips.

Acrylic bathtub Bas retains its shape even under heavy loads

The trendsetters of fashion and technology in the production of acrylic bathtubs are the Spanish company Roca, the Czech company Ravak and the Polish company Cersanit. However, manufacturers from other countries are not inferior to them. If you need a modern and high-quality acrylic bathtub, the Ukrainian manufacturer can provide a completely worthy choice. The products of the Artel Plast company are made from Lucite cast acrylic and fully comply with European standards.

Products of the Ukrainian company "Artel Plast"

[note]Chinese-made acrylic bathtubs are captivating with their low cost, which is most often achieved through the use of combined or extruded acrylic. Such products are of low quality and are prone to cracking[/note]

Features of choosing a bath

Before deciding which bathtub company to choose, you need to decide on its main parameters, which include:

  • material;
  • size and shape;
  • availability of additional functions (handrails, hydromassage equipment, water lighting).

In addition, you should take into account financial capabilities and the style of decoration of the bathroom. The criteria for choosing the ideal bathtub can be divided into general ones, which determine the comfort when using it, and specific ones, characteristic of a certain type of material.

[note]When choosing a bathtub, you should remember that sometimes the consumer properties of expensive models do not always exceed the characteristics of standard products. In this case, the consumer pays not for additional functions, but for the popularity of the product brand. [/note]

How to choose an ergonomic bathtub

When looking for plumbing fixtures for your bathroom, you need to consider the following points:

  • individual characteristics of intended users;
  • desired additional equipment for hydromassage, for example, like Triton products;
  • dimensions of the room where the bath will be installed.

Acrylic bathtub from Triton is equipped with additional hydromassage equipment

How to buy a quality bath

The variety of materials suggests several types of criteria by which you should choose a product with a long service life. However, there are also general characteristics that you need to pay attention to. These include:

  • availability of necessary certificates;
  • confirmation of all technical parameters of products with relevant documentation;
  • absence of visible defects in the coating and base of the bathtub;
  • provision of warranty obligations by the seller;
  • functioning of all additional equipment.

When deciding which bathtub manufacturer to choose, you need to approach this comprehensively and take into account various factors. A thoughtful analysis of the proposals of various companies will not only avoid unnecessary expenses, but will also help you find an option that optimally combines all the necessary functions, an interesting design and an acceptable cost.